Friday, October 6, 2023

"In Heaven!"

"In Heaven!"  Oh, for a moment, just ponder those two words!  Is it humanly possible to get a grip upon all the promises that those two words contain?!

In Heaven, that great Paradise
created by His Word,
where is His throne forevermore
and perfection is occurred,
there will be no need for 'argument,'
or 'raising of the voice!'
We'll be in residence with Jesus,
as we, there, rejoice!

For Heaven is His Throne eterne,
earth, His own footstool!
In the life beyond our own
there is one only rule:
In Heaven, we shall spend our "time"
on what THE LORD declares!
Not fussing or disrupting, or
dispensing 'time' in 'shares!
We will do those 'Heavenly things,'
exhibiting our cares!
(Unlike the volumes of decrees
that man, he yet prepares!)

"IN HEAVEN!"--He is in our hearts,
and, everything we do,
it keeps us 'pressing on' toward!
It keeps us seeing victories
in living day-to-day!
Oh Heaven, it is in our hearts,

HEAVEN!  Join this man there, won't you?  There is but ONE certain way of getting there: Jesus Christ, God come in the flesh, came and lived and died on this earth.  Three days later, He rose out of the tomb, was seen by a few before He ascended back to Paradise.  It is IN HIS BLOOD that Heaven is availed to you and I, the only way.  In fact, His very Word tells us I AM THE WAY!  
Don't miss out, my friend!
(Based on Isaiah 66:1)

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