Sunday, October 29, 2023


If we would just take a moment and take a step back and realize why ALL conflicts happen in this life, we can narrow it all down to one word: GREED!

When violence and warfare cease,

FINALLY, will we know peace!
When hatred and deceit desist,
Paradise--it will exist!
It is a CHOICE that ALL must choose:
to have effect and NOT abuse!
THAT is the choice that will decide
when, without fear, we will abide!

Regardless of the arsenal,
the region or the rule,
waging PEACE amongst all men,
it is The Strongest Tool!
The most expensive cost for man
is to abandon PRIDE!
If ALL do such, we'll get along,
contentment to abide!
But is it worth laying aside
our 'heritage' and 'past?'
Such doesn't have to happen with
your heritage, so vast!

For we can cling to such, as we
press on in daily life,
without inflicting unto any
malice, any strife!

God made us each to be ourselves,
no matter where we be.
As long as we belong to Him,
That Centerpiece is He!
And, with Him at the center of
but everything we do,
victory and happiness
will always be in view!

There are conflicts happening all over this globe.  Due to such, too many lives are being lost!  INNOCENT LIVES!  Do you think that such is the desire of God's heart?  This man doesn't think so.  Yes, Christ is the Answer.  Too, I truly believe such answer is inherently instilled in the heart of every person, as well, and if we would just act upon our hearts, this world would be a much more wonderful place to live!

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