Thursday, October 19, 2023

God-given Emotions!

Like it or not, each and every one of us has 'emotions.'  Sometimes, some of us do our best to hide them.  But, GOD GAVE THEM TO US, so why waste so much energy trying to be someone you're not?  

has emotions,
(even those denying such!)
If you deny this truth, then you
are surely out of touch!
Many of them are apparent
to the naked eye.
The rest remain invisible-
alone, inside to cry!

Those 'pains' that go unknown, they are
well-known to God Most High!
He knows exactly what you feel-
no need to verify!
He knows...He feels...He understands,
and He has folks who care.
So, if you 'feel' you are 'alone,'
He has folks everywhere!
All it takes is reaching out,
and 'trust' you're not alone.
Even though emotions run
and make you hurt and groan.
The Master--He is yet in charge,
and keeps us in His arms,
making sure we're 'stable' and
secure from any harms!

Yes, EVERYBODY has emotions,
like it, bad or good.
The bravest of us show them, whether
or not 'some' think we should!
God placed them inside each of us
and made us differ slight,
that each of us, together, we
would shine a different light!

And the combination of all those 'lights' is what causes brightness in, sometimes, a very dark place!  Be what God made you to be, and let NO man steal that from you!


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