Sunday, October 29, 2023


Walking out on the porch with my coffee again.  Spending precious time with Jesus!  We discuss the day as I worship Him and the day begins to form.  TIME MOST PRECIOUS!

Shadows yet be long
in the early morning song!
With the sun upon the rise,
so brilliant are the skies!
What a perfect day is here
For Christ, Himself, to appear!!
He'll split those glory skies,
and we'll look into His eyes!
He'll escort us into Paradise,
those of us who have died twice!

The sunshine of the morning then!
His Light will shine forever, when
we walk and talk with Christ, the Son-
Him Who, our very souls, has won!
He has so much to show to us-
Jesus Christ, our Lord and Trust!
Sights majestic and unique-
our interest does He always pique!
And His visitations, special so!
I pray that ALL, my God, would know!

Shadows yet be long
before all comes along.
In fellowship with God,
there's so much to applaud!!

Oh, that priceless time before all else seems to awaken.  I get to spend it with The Very One Who created it!  WHAT A WAY TO START THE DAY!


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