Tuesday, October 31, 2023


We don't get many phone calls after eight p.m. around here, so my wife has programmed our phones to go straight to voicemail after that.  Last night, however, it was approaching nine and my phone rang!?   Once I realized who it was, I KNEW it was a 'Divine Appointment!'

My telephone rang late last night.
When I realized who it was--DELIGHT!
My phone shuts off before that hour,
BUT his call came through due Higher Power!
Still puzzled, I stopped him in his speech,
his identity, to beseech!
"Buzz!  I work with you each day!
You help my job in every way!
It's Bob!  Could you not even see?!
I found the card you gave to me!"
A supervisor at my job,
first apologized, my time to rob,
and started talking 'as a good friend,'
(those 'talks' you wish would never end!)
"I thought I'd call and check on you,
and let you know what your words do!
You make work fun when you are there,
(Even when 'pain' is everywhere!)"

For 'Bob' has a condition that
keeps him in constant pain.
But the way that he conducts himself
seems 'normal' and so 'plain!'
He knows of the entire store
and where all products are,
and he assists THIS MAN so much!
He is really quite a star!

Please pray with me for 'Bob' and the
condition that he is in.
Though he endures such things, he is
a pillar amongst all men!
And he's a blessing to this man
no matter what I ask!
To do the things he does, it is
a very daunting task!

How well do YOU know those who you work with?   (How well do you WANT to know?!)  If you avail yourself to God's calling, however, He WILL use you.  'Bob' knew that and had the courage to call when he needed to talk.  I am so grateful he did!

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