Thursday, October 26, 2023

Beyond 'busyness!'

There is so much that each of us go through from day-to-day.  Necessary things.  For some, life is so busy that they have no time at all to ponder the afterlife.  However, IT IS REAL AND NO MAN OR TEACHING CAN CHANGE THAT!

When life is perfect, just awhile ahead,

all 'matters' won't affect us where we're led.
'Majestic' and 'far' are locations here,
but none compare with Paradise we endear!
For God, Himself, instills in us that desire,
providing, daily, glimpses that inspire!
And NEVER will He ever leave our side-
He is with us as long as we abide!

So, press on toward the mark that He has set,
regardless of the obstacles we get!
Regardless of whatever may distract,
Our hearts, for they so cling to solid fact:
For Jesus Christ comes with a Trumpet Blast
to take us to His Paradise, at last!
There, life is perfect!  And 'matters,' (as we know,)
into the long-forgotten shall they go!

'COME QUICKLY!'  Do we cry out with each day
that passes as we live this life HIS way!
Nothing to deter us from belief
that there's a better life with Christ as Chief!
It is a perfect life that shall not end
for all of them that Jesus Christ calls 'friend!'
And, soon and very soon, it shall commence
when GOD decides it's time for recompense!

Perfect Paradise awaits beyond this life.  It is awaiting all of those who ask Jesus to save their souls!   Everything will be wonderful there, and we will have need for not another thing!  No more struggles, no strife, and bodies that shall NEVER break down!

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