Thursday, October 5, 2023

All Four Seasons!

Ahhh...the four seasons!  It is so wonderful to live in a place that has them all!  I'm NOT blasting the town I grew up in, but for decades I only knew a 9-month summer and one month each of the other three!  And, for two years in HAWAII, it was summertime all year 'round!  Not here...

Autumn leaves are FINALLY
beginning to appear!
It is a welcome sight that we
expect and so endear!
The shades, the sights, the colors we
have come to know and love,
FINALLY, a few weeks late,
the treetops are full of!
And, finally, the temperature
has dropped to 'comfortable,'
and, doing things outside, for it
is finally possible!

And, just in time to mow the land,
Therefore, the chores we had to do,
they have been put on call!
Not to worry, here beneath
the metal-covered porch
can we enjoy, so comfortably,
a day that will not scorch
and watch and listen to the rain
that most have come to dread,
while conversing with The Lord,
and the birds He's fed!

Autumn morning...come so late,
but WELCOME, nonetheless!
Creator God, He joins us here
each morning for to bless,
and to discuss our lives each day--
the good times and the bad.
But, far more often, is the 'good'
that, together, we have had!

Beneath a metal roof during a rainstorm--THAT'S ALL YOU CAN HEAR!   But we love it!  We certainly needed this rain.  And a break from the choking heat is a plus, as well!  GOD IS SO GOOD!  Under this canopy, we watch as the squirrels jump from tree-to-tree...tree-to-fence...
and even down to the feeders on the tree sides!  And the little birds flap their wings in the little puddles that form.  WHAT A BLESSING!  "Thank You, Creator God!"

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