Saturday, October 7, 2023


TALK ABOUT A 'TURN-AROUND!'  Shorts last week, and sweatpants this week!?!  I think 'Mother Nature' has Covid!!  HOWEVER, we will not whine about it, we will try and make the best of it!

Shivering in sunshine on

a beautiful Saturday.
The elements are quiet now,
the trees don't even sway!
Everything accomplished that
was needing to get done.
Now, for that precious, quiet time
with Jesus Christ, The Son!

What a glorious day, after
a week that had it all!
It started feeling summer-like,
now, it feels late in fall!
BUT GOD, He's ever-active, and
He's moving through us e'er!
With everything that's happening,
we KNOW He will be there!
And, we KNOW that He is with us, living
deep within our hearts!
His peace and calm assurance, He
most certainly imparts!
For even though we bask in peace,
so much is going on!
But, it is set aside for now,
before such peace 'feels' gone!

Ah...but NEVER be His peace 'gone'
in this temporal life,
(though, just outside that front door waits
a thousand kinds of strife!
But such is no concern, as I'm
a child of The King!
And, out that door, I can help folks
that go through everything!

Our little corner of 'Paradise!'  My wife and I savor it with every hour that passes while we are together.  I know that we have a Calling.  And I know that there will be plenty of time for THAT!  However, THIS time of peace is found nowhere else!

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