Tuesday, October 31, 2023


We don't get many phone calls after eight p.m. around here, so my wife has programmed our phones to go straight to voicemail after that.  Last night, however, it was approaching nine and my phone rang!?   Once I realized who it was, I KNEW it was a 'Divine Appointment!'

My telephone rang late last night.
When I realized who it was--DELIGHT!
My phone shuts off before that hour,
BUT his call came through due Higher Power!
Still puzzled, I stopped him in his speech,
his identity, to beseech!
"Buzz!  I work with you each day!
You help my job in every way!
It's Bob!  Could you not even see?!
I found the card you gave to me!"
A supervisor at my job,
first apologized, my time to rob,
and started talking 'as a good friend,'
(those 'talks' you wish would never end!)
"I thought I'd call and check on you,
and let you know what your words do!
You make work fun when you are there,
(Even when 'pain' is everywhere!)"

For 'Bob' has a condition that
keeps him in constant pain.
But the way that he conducts himself
seems 'normal' and so 'plain!'
He knows of the entire store
and where all products are,
and he assists THIS MAN so much!
He is really quite a star!

Please pray with me for 'Bob' and the
condition that he is in.
Though he endures such things, he is
a pillar amongst all men!
And he's a blessing to this man
no matter what I ask!
To do the things he does, it is
a very daunting task!

How well do YOU know those who you work with?   (How well do you WANT to know?!)  If you avail yourself to God's calling, however, He WILL use you.  'Bob' knew that and had the courage to call when he needed to talk.  I am so grateful he did!

Monday, October 30, 2023

Real Life!

"Words to uplift...encourage...and minister."  So opens to first page of my website.  Sometimes, however, 'life' does things to you that are NOT uplifting, nor encouraging, nor bring you any strength!
Sometimes, this life does things to you where it is all that you can do to make it to the end of the day!  Ever felt that way?  Do you know someone who does?  I promise you, they are closer than you think...

Once again, the pain takes hold,
And you STILL have a full day!
Do you just quit?  Throw in the towel?
And it HURTS to walk away!
You are a child of Most High God,
'twas settled long ago!
But, as the years pass, it feels that,
His touch has withered so!

'I can't remember like I used to.
That frustrates me so!'
'It hurts to even move around,
so fewer places do I go.'
"Let me pray for you and
everything will be alright..."
You get so tired of hearing that,
so, anger is your plight!
So many doctors have I seen
with promise, empty so!
However, it's The Great Physician,
that I also know!
HE'S THE ONE Who understands
this man in every way,
And, in HIS time, His perfect healing,
it will come my way!
So, instead of 'saying' something that
you 'think' might ease my fetter,
actually DO something
that might make my life better!

"I understand..." "I'll pray for you..." "I know the way you feel.."  Are YOU guilty of using those terms just so that you can move on with your day?  Stop hiding behind your 'Churchiosity!'  Perhaps someone doesn't want to hear that.  They just want you to be there...to love them...maybe even hold them until they 'feel' secure again.  I KNOW that is what Jesus would do!

Sunday, October 29, 2023


Walking out on the porch with my coffee again.  Spending precious time with Jesus!  We discuss the day as I worship Him and the day begins to form.  TIME MOST PRECIOUS!

Shadows yet be long
in the early morning song!
With the sun upon the rise,
so brilliant are the skies!
What a perfect day is here
For Christ, Himself, to appear!!
He'll split those glory skies,
and we'll look into His eyes!
He'll escort us into Paradise,
those of us who have died twice!

The sunshine of the morning then!
His Light will shine forever, when
we walk and talk with Christ, the Son-
Him Who, our very souls, has won!
He has so much to show to us-
Jesus Christ, our Lord and Trust!
Sights majestic and unique-
our interest does He always pique!
And His visitations, special so!
I pray that ALL, my God, would know!

Shadows yet be long
before all comes along.
In fellowship with God,
there's so much to applaud!!

Oh, that priceless time before all else seems to awaken.  I get to spend it with The Very One Who created it!  WHAT A WAY TO START THE DAY!



If we would just take a moment and take a step back and realize why ALL conflicts happen in this life, we can narrow it all down to one word: GREED!

When violence and warfare cease,

FINALLY, will we know peace!
When hatred and deceit desist,
Paradise--it will exist!
It is a CHOICE that ALL must choose:
to have effect and NOT abuse!
THAT is the choice that will decide
when, without fear, we will abide!

Regardless of the arsenal,
the region or the rule,
waging PEACE amongst all men,
it is The Strongest Tool!
The most expensive cost for man
is to abandon PRIDE!
If ALL do such, we'll get along,
contentment to abide!
But is it worth laying aside
our 'heritage' and 'past?'
Such doesn't have to happen with
your heritage, so vast!

For we can cling to such, as we
press on in daily life,
without inflicting unto any
malice, any strife!

God made us each to be ourselves,
no matter where we be.
As long as we belong to Him,
That Centerpiece is He!
And, with Him at the center of
but everything we do,
victory and happiness
will always be in view!

There are conflicts happening all over this globe.  Due to such, too many lives are being lost!  INNOCENT LIVES!  Do you think that such is the desire of God's heart?  This man doesn't think so.  Yes, Christ is the Answer.  Too, I truly believe such answer is inherently instilled in the heart of every person, as well, and if we would just act upon our hearts, this world would be a much more wonderful place to live!

Saturday, October 28, 2023


God's Word.  IT IS ETERNAL!  And the truths found therein are just as alive for us today as they were when they were penned!  HALLELUJAH!  Today's word implores us to be courageous and strong, and it comes right out of The Living Psalms! 

In the world that we are in,
regardless where we are,
God, in His wisdom and His Presence,
not ever is afar!
No matter what is facing us,
we can press on ahead,
in His strength and His courage,
not dreading such, instead!
Yea, be strong and take courage, knowing
God retains all control!
Trust in Him completely and
He'll keep you ever whole!
Too, He will protect you in ways
man can fathom not!
All because, The Living Word,
inside your soul you've got!

Yea, in this world, a lot goes on
contrary to the same.
Press on, nonetheless, and give
all praise unto His Name!
He is holy.  He is worthy.
The sole Omniscient One!
And we will be rewarded then,
when this old life is done!

Our days, He has them numbered, and
He NEVER leaves our side!
Make sure that You belong to Him
and, in you, He'll abide!
Do not fear!  Be not afraid
of what mere man can do!
Because the very Son of Man,
He dwells inside of you!

Life seems to become more and more complex and complicated with each day that passes!  However, the Answer is still the same: Jesus Christ, the Living Word!

Friday, October 27, 2023

Signs of His Presence!

I find it amazing when folks start to notice sights and sounds that have been around for years, yet it is only of late that people take note of them!  Every corner of the country is different, yet they all contain signs of His Presence!

Acorns echo off the roof

with every passing breeze!
Soon, to coat the land, along
with clothing from the trees!
For now, it's a variety
for the very eyes;
the shades of autumn we're celebrating
underneath the skies!
And the squirrels are having fun
traversing every limb!
From tree-to-tree, gravity
they seem to take at whim!
Entertaining one and all
that even catch the eye!
Especially the fortunate
with blessed time such as I!

"Thank You, God Creator, for
Your touch upon this land!
The hills...the trees...the wildlife
that You create by hand!
How many notice all these hints
and appreciate?
THAT many, they will have a life
that is so very great!

And, once again, the acorns echo
off the roof above!
It startles, so, my cats and dogs,
oh, but it's a sound I love!
It goes on as I fellowship
with Him Who made the same--
the mighty trees and agile squirrels,

I am so very thankful that we put a steel roof over this house that God blessed us with!  It serves to accentuate the many 'sounds' that would otherwise go unnoticed!  WHAT A BLESSING!

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Beyond 'busyness!'

There is so much that each of us go through from day-to-day.  Necessary things.  For some, life is so busy that they have no time at all to ponder the afterlife.  However, IT IS REAL AND NO MAN OR TEACHING CAN CHANGE THAT!

When life is perfect, just awhile ahead,

all 'matters' won't affect us where we're led.
'Majestic' and 'far' are locations here,
but none compare with Paradise we endear!
For God, Himself, instills in us that desire,
providing, daily, glimpses that inspire!
And NEVER will He ever leave our side-
He is with us as long as we abide!

So, press on toward the mark that He has set,
regardless of the obstacles we get!
Regardless of whatever may distract,
Our hearts, for they so cling to solid fact:
For Jesus Christ comes with a Trumpet Blast
to take us to His Paradise, at last!
There, life is perfect!  And 'matters,' (as we know,)
into the long-forgotten shall they go!

'COME QUICKLY!'  Do we cry out with each day
that passes as we live this life HIS way!
Nothing to deter us from belief
that there's a better life with Christ as Chief!
It is a perfect life that shall not end
for all of them that Jesus Christ calls 'friend!'
And, soon and very soon, it shall commence
when GOD decides it's time for recompense!

Perfect Paradise awaits beyond this life.  It is awaiting all of those who ask Jesus to save their souls!   Everything will be wonderful there, and we will have need for not another thing!  No more struggles, no strife, and bodies that shall NEVER break down!

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

The Welcome Rain!

It's late in October.  The trees and the temps around here, however, feel like the end of July!!  No complaints from this man.  It only inspires more words from this pen...

My God, He thunders o'er the land
in His time and place.
He blesses us with needed rain
from His abundant grace.
The land and life receive refreshment
and rejuvenation,
and wise be they that give Him thanks
with praise and exhortation!

Too many days this life has gone
with not a drop at all!
The farmers looked toward the skies
with nothing there to fall!
Oh, but not this week!  He blesses us
with necessary rain,
and we know that, in several weeks,
the crops shall be our gain!
And this man won't complain at all--
he gets to watch the storm!
The lightening and the thunder and
the many clouds that form!
AND THE RAIN!  The precious rain,
so fragrant and so loud
upon this metal roof above-
my temporary shroud!

Soon, I must go in and prepare 
a message that will bless.
It might as well include His weather,
(though others see a mess!)

A passing thunderstorm.  It can be dangerous and deadly in these parts!  Today, however, it is welcome, refreshing and beautiful!  Make time to enjoy it, whatever you have planned for the day!


Tuesday, October 24, 2023

The Only TRUE Constancy!

Death...taxes...prices...weather...I know, to some, these are the only 'constancies' they know.  However, though some may see them as 'constant,' none of them are 'eternal!'  There is only ONE Who is 'eternal!  Have YOU met Him yet, my friend?

Jesus Christ--so wonderful!

Involved in all of life!
He joins us in all celebration,
He holds us through all strife!
Greater, He's a Constancy
that will not fluctuate!
While all the days have ups-and-downs,
He keeps us going straight!

And Jesus--He has friendship that
no 'person' replicates!
Therefore, relationship with Him--
the whole world celebrates!
Because, though He is over all,
so 'personal' is He,
knowing every answer that
relates to such as we!
And we can so relate to Him,
as He listens to us each!
'Ask Him to be your Lord and Savior,'
this man would so beseech!

Jesus Christ, so wonderful,
so loving and so kind!
A closer kinship, trust this man,
you WILL NOT EVER find!
He is the First, He is the Last,
and them that so belong to Him,
we are so very blessed!

There are all kinds of relationships we have with people in this life.  But NO relationship is greater than salvation in Jesus!  God's Own Love, come as A Man, and ever-active and available for them that belong to Him!

Monday, October 23, 2023

Lunch with Craig

Life happens.  Things happen and throw us out of our 'routine.'  Pretty soon, the people that we held so dearly we hear from no longer.  BUT GOD, He has so many ways to refocus us...

How many are the years that come

and go as time accrues?
And, yet, our friendship is immune
from 'policies' and 'views!
Too many months, though, passed this time,
as, 'busy,' we both got!
The same, though, almost seems 'excuse,'
and explains it not!

All that, however, changed today.
You picked me up for lunch!
No 'issues' or 'excuses' pressing,
and NOTHING, time to crunch!
The hours spent we catching up
on life and memories...
I valued every moment, Craig,
and time flew like the breeze!
So wonderful to hear the ways
that God has blessed us so!
So fascinating, all the ways,
His Spirit made us go!
I never thought I'd be in a place
of such management!
Neither did imagine I
the ordained way YOU went!
You, in a massive hospital,
me in retail management!
He does so far surpass the dreams-
on which, much time, we spent!

But grateful, I, you contacted 
this man for casual meal!
It was a 'divine appointment'
that God, only, could reveal!
His blessing. it was over all
the time we had together;
and PROUD is this man, after all this time,

I know, I know.  We get busy.  Life happens.  We get involved or uninvolved with happenings that kind of 'take over' life, and before you know it, you lose sight of the people and things that matter most!  EXCUSES!!  Thank you, again, Craig, for contacting me again and taking me out so that we could catch up.  We need to do this more often, as WE NEED ONE ANOTHER!

Sunday, October 22, 2023

THAT Absolute Hope!!

In this life, there is very little in which to cast your hope.  However, Jesus Christ alone is The Only One Hope that will never disappoint, never hurt, and NEVER let us down!!

There is a hope to which we cling,

solidified by God,
that, on the streets of solid gold,
someday soon, we shall trod!
Our loved ones, they will join us there,
with Jesus Christ the Lord!
God's Own Son--the ONLY One,
salvation to afford!

It is that hope that keeps us pressing
on toward That Day
when 'hope' shall be unnecessary--
no 'need for prayers' for aye!
No yearning for His Presence, as
HE shall be with us There,
and 'Paradise' and perfect life--
they shall be everywhere!

Yes, there is a Hope to which we cling:
In THIS life, such wonderments,
they come with His accord!
The hoes and the desires that
we hold so deep inside,
Jesus Christ, God's very Son,
to all would He provide!

Beyond all hope...beyond all faith...
beyond 'belief,' also,
is the FACT that HE IS WITH US,
evermore to go!
The Word of God dwelling here
AND in that Perfect Place!
There, reaping all accumulated,
as we dwell here by grace!

SOON AND VERY SOON!  The signs of His return are everywhere if you are paying attention!  All that HE is waiting for is His Father's command to come and get us, then we shall meet Him in the air!

Saturday, October 21, 2023


So very glorious be this time of year!  The changing of the seasons...FINALLY!  It is almost a month late, but it is beautiful nonetheless!  And God's fingerprints are everywhere!

Scattered shadows underneath the trees.
Though it's October, summer is in the breeze!
Today are signs of autumn in the sight:
the red oaks are so very, very bright!
And I notice, as I'm savoring the sun,
the squirrels, once again, are having fun!
As they jump the limbs so very high,
the acorns hit the steel roof that have I!
With other roofs, you hardly hear at all.
With THIS roof, entertaining is the call!
And the leaves, unusually late,
the property around, to inundate!

Not a one complains of this at all.
As winter, it has shown no signs to call!
We're still having 'summer' temps each day,
though November is just ten days away!

All this wonder, God, alone, created.
So, all throughout the day, He's celebrated!
We praise and glorify Him as we go
taking care of issues that we know.
The list of such, it never has an end,
so, blessed we are to have Him as our Friend!
So helps He everyone who calls His Name,
therefore, deserves He praises and acclaim!"
For He does things that no one else can do,
like change the seasons and make life anew!
And make squirrels and the birds to entertain!
So wealthy them that would count such as 'gain!'

Scattered shadows underneath the trees,
in October sun with slightest breeze.
The fingerprints of God be all about.
Gratitude to Him will never run out!

I love this time of year.  It is even more wonderful THIS year, as the temperature is still pleasant!  THANK YOU, CREATOR GOD MOST HIGH!


Friday, October 20, 2023

National Boss' Day

This is about five days late, but I just found the note that says "Send this on October 16."  OOOPS!!  My bad.  In this day and age, it seems that we are coming up with a day set aside to honor just about ANYONE!  This one, however, deserves to be observed, as some of us are blessed with WONDERFUL ones!

There is a day now set aside
as "National Boss's Day."
Some employees would loathe such,
and choose to stay away!
BUT GOD has put them in a place
of authority,
because He knows their leadership
and their quality!
And THIS MAN, he has been so blessed
wherever I have labored
with bosses and with supervisors
with whom I have found favor!
THAT'S a gift from God alone!
And may those over me
be recognized, be protected,
and blessed more than I be!

Most are there where they belong,
doing what they must
because 'they worked their way' up there,
accumulating trust!
They know the ins-and-outs of running 
'business' day-to-day.
Along with honoring their title,
we must daily pray!

So 'HAPPY BOSS'S DAY' to all
who do that title proud!
You are appreciated, and
we sing your praises loud!
Be all that you can be and, please,
continue honing skills,
so that, what you possess, into
your each worker, instills!

Thank you to Mr. Brown, Don, Ron, Steve, Hurshell, Josh, Sharon, Sherry, Galloway, Sally, Mikey, Billy and others who have had the patience to employ me!
Yes, I do know that there are supervisors out there that some may feel deserve no recognition.  However, we are COMMANDED by God, in His Word, to 'honor those in authority.'  In doing so, we honor HIM.  And HE will take care of the ones that be undeserved.


Thursday, October 19, 2023

God-given Emotions!

Like it or not, each and every one of us has 'emotions.'  Sometimes, some of us do our best to hide them.  But, GOD GAVE THEM TO US, so why waste so much energy trying to be someone you're not?  

has emotions,
(even those denying such!)
If you deny this truth, then you
are surely out of touch!
Many of them are apparent
to the naked eye.
The rest remain invisible-
alone, inside to cry!

Those 'pains' that go unknown, they are
well-known to God Most High!
He knows exactly what you feel-
no need to verify!
He knows...He feels...He understands,
and He has folks who care.
So, if you 'feel' you are 'alone,'
He has folks everywhere!
All it takes is reaching out,
and 'trust' you're not alone.
Even though emotions run
and make you hurt and groan.
The Master--He is yet in charge,
and keeps us in His arms,
making sure we're 'stable' and
secure from any harms!

Yes, EVERYBODY has emotions,
like it, bad or good.
The bravest of us show them, whether
or not 'some' think we should!
God placed them inside each of us
and made us differ slight,
that each of us, together, we
would shine a different light!

And the combination of all those 'lights' is what causes brightness in, sometimes, a very dark place!  Be what God made you to be, and let NO man steal that from you!


Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Time Best Spent!

Every one of us is busy.  If we are not, 'life' has trained us to think that something is wrong!  THIS life!  God, however, has a most-perfect timeline, and we would accomplish far more by adhering to HIS!

Sunlight through the louvres,

20 stories high!
Before the office staff arrives,
so much to catch the eye!
The endless blue is foremost as
I put the coffee on.
As it is brewing, I take in
the sights before time's gone!
From this height, one sees so much
that happens in the day:
mighty ships arrive and depart
from the azure bay.
Filled with cargo from all corners,
never do they cease!
Watching them go in and out,
it brings, to this man, peace!

And One in Whom is perfect peace
is also at my side!
He helps point out the majesty
that, in plain sight, would hide-
hide from them in such a hurry...
them in such a rush...
them in pursuit of ways to make
prosperity to gush!
Them that would ignore this time
that, daily, must be taken...
THAT time that is of most import,
too many have forsaken!
That priceless time with God, Himself,
in the active day,
viewing His creation, oh,
so clearly on display!

Too many I know are there that try to cram their day with so many tasks and duties that they have no time at all for time with God--THAT time that matters most of all!

Your Best Efforts

There are times in this life, each of our lives, when we know that we have done all that we could do, and we just need a place to go and recover.  Fortunately, God Most High knows that, too...

To there ascend with my Best Friend
to worship and to love!
In His Elevated Place,
all issues, I'm above!
Created He such Place for us
and ALL who call His Name!
In fact, anyone at all,
this blessed Locale, may claim!

It is a Place that is immune
from stresses, pain and grief,
where anyone at all may find
refreshment and relief!
Everything for restoration
to a normal 'state,'
so freely is availed to us,
because He DOES relate!

BUT, you must relate to Him,
and ask Him to be 'Lord,'
so that, such necessary Place,
to you, He will afford!
Every one of us needs such
to press on to success,
and so, the labors of our hands,
will minister and bless!
And so that we be blessed with 'peace
that passes understanding!'
(Even though we be in places
that are so 'demanding!')

There, I ascend with my Best Friend--
Jesus Christ, The Lord!
'Things' that money cannot buy,
to me, does He afford!

So very glorious it is to know 'belonging!'  Salvation through Jesus Christ provides that 'belonging,' and it is attained no other way!  Savor that perfect peace with this man, will you not?  His arms are wide open!


Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Our Priorities

We have a duty.  We have a 'calling.'  However, what happens if something interferes or gets in the way of our best intentions?

The Lord, He came by life today

while life was going by.
So busy was this man, however,
with folks who came to buy.
I wanted to take time with Him
in fellowship and love.
But, with a place so filled with guests,
such 'time' I had none of!

The day is done.  Work is over.
It is time to unwind.
The Lord, He visits once again.
But, this time, time I find!
We fellowship together, expressing
what great love have we!
With not a thing to interfere,
so wonderful it be!
I start to mention earlier
when He came in the store.
He lifts His hand and smiles at me,
"My child, say no more!
I knew that you were busy with
the guests you were assisting.
I just came by to check on you!
I'm proud you weren't 'resisting!'"

The Lord comes by life all the time.
Just BE YOURSELF always!
He already knows you honor Him,
and love Him with your praise!
So, honor Him and love Him with
your labor and your task.
Worship in obedience,
and He'll do what you ask!

I know quite a few folks who, if you were stranded beside the road, would pass right by you just so they would not be late for church!  Tell me, what kinda message does that send?!

Monday, October 16, 2023

Middle East

I love it when God wakes me and tells me to write something down.  HOWEVER, when it seems 'political,' well, I often dread it.
But, what is happening RIGHT NOW is beyond 'political.'  It is humanitarian.  And too many innocent people are getting injured or killed!

Do life or time have any matter
when the heart's involved?
BOTH are used when such an issue
needs to be resolved!
How far are we to go with the same?
The HEART should reveal such--
even when said issues have
so personal a touch!

There be a people, well-established,
knowing of their place.
Even a people, favored highly,
and replete with grace!
Living the land assigned to them
by God Most High alone!
And now, a people most minute,
they want it for their own!
Therefore, much violence and destruction
do they so inflict.
Upon those folks, so well established,
with whom they conflict!
Other peoples offer help, hope,
prayers and support
unto each side.  And, oh, the lengths
the 'helpers' will resort!

BUT GOD, He's well aware of
everything that's going on.
And when HE'S had enough of it
each enemy will be GONE!
Gone to a place of punishment
that shall not ever end.
The Chosen, though, will go to a Place,
enjoying Him as FRIEND!

Are YOU one of the Chosen Ones?  Our hearts ache for what is happening in the Middle East!  May we pray for them daily...constantly, that a peaceful resolution be found to stop the bloodshed!

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Never Neglected!

Progress.  Has it become one of our worst enemies?  IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE!  No matter how successful we become...no matter how 'old' we get...regardless of the afflictions that plague us...GOD'S PRESENCE WILL NEVER LEAVE US!  

'Loneliness' cannot find us 'alone'

because, to God, we never are 'unknown!'
Neither is there 'emptiness' to be,
as, His Presence, it is constantly!
For when nobody else may be around,
we have the freedom to be 'safe and sound.'
For Jesus Christ the Lord is ever near,
and we have not a reason for to fear!

So, with Jesus' Presence constantly,
alone we never, ever have to be!
His Presence is so constant and so real,
and, not a thing, desires He 'conceal!'
Not only is He ever at our side...
not only, IN HIM, are we to abide...
in Him there is complete transparency--
for we can tell Him everything that be!
And, His wisdom, He will freely share
out of the abundance of His care!

So, if we 'feel' neglected or alone,
remember that we are His very Own!
And there's no better occupant to be
than Jesus Christ, The Lord, our Victory!
He pays attention, listens, understands,
and He secures us in His mighty hands!
We never, no, not ever are alone,
because, to Him, we are completely known!

This world, the speed of life and all that is going on can sometimes make us 'feel' alone.  Even overwhelm us!  But such can NEVER be!  Along with everything else happening in the world, God Most High has His eyes on each of us, as well!  CLING TO THIS TRUTH, MY FRIEND, and do not EVER let the enemy steal it from your heart!

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Never is the Vision 'Boring!'

"GOD IS SO GOOD TO US!"  That Truth can NEVER be argued!  He not only provides us with life, abundant life, but He sees to it that we never get bored with our surroundings:  HIS CREATION!

The seasons in the branches;
FINALLY, signs of fall!
It is cooling off a bit.
(THAT'S pleasing unto all!)
But the colors!!  They begin to catch 
the vision everywhere!
There are even mighty leaves
falling here and there!

BUT GOD--He never changes,
He's dependable and kind!
Most people go through all the day
and give to Him no mind!
But I am mindful of Him, and
include Him in it all!
Especially adoring the
arrival of the Fall!

Autumn--oh so glorious,
and more with time to pass!
Right now, it's getting cooler, oh,
but soon, a colored mass!
The spectrum in the trees before
the quilt upon the ground.
And, through it all, the hand of God,
is very freely found!

"Thank You, Father, for the seasons,
by hand, You created!
Each of them deserve to be
observed and celebrated!
Some we favor over others,
all, though, necessary.
And You, alone, keep them in line
so that the year won't very!"

Father God not only gives us abundant life, He does His best to make sure said life is NEVER boring!  "Thank You, Father God, for the wonder of the seasons!  You are so good to us!"


Monday, October 9, 2023

That's Why He Calls Us!

A busy celebration somewhere.  Looking around, everyone is having a great time.  Then, out of the corner of your eye, you see that ONE person...

"You sat there, by yourself, away
from the laughter and the fun.
I watched you from a distance,
When no one else showed up, I sat
beside you, uninvited.
I feel the pain that you go through
when others get excited!"
I just want you to know that there
are folks who truly care!
But you must reach out to us so
that we can come and share!

What's your name?  What brings you here
on such a busy night?
Are you with that group that's having fun?
Why are you "out of sight?"
But you're not 'out of sight' at all!
For God knows where you are!
That's why He sent me over here,
He knows about your scar!

NO, PLEASE!  Don't go!  There ARE some folks
that love and welcome you!
We care about the pain you're feeling,
and what you're going through!
And we want to assist you (if we can,)
NOT to feel this way!
Truth be told, we've been where you are
somehow, somewhere, someday!"

Yes, all of us have had these feeling at one point or another.  God has allowed us to GO THROUGH such times for such a time as this: to reach and relate to someone else!  Are YOU available?

Sunday, October 8, 2023


Wherever you go, it seems, whatever time of day it happens to be, there is some place, somewhere, broadcasting the news!  That news, inevitably, contains 'violence' going on somewhere...

Oh, when will all the hatred stop?
When will bullets fly no more?
When will missiles fire no longer
from some unknown, foreign shore?
No longer are there "Rules of War"
in this day and age!
Men have become creative so
to carry out their rage!

But WHY must 'rage' even fester?
All things can be obtained!
If countries can finance destruction
that centuries have trained,
then, surely, those most able can
finance peace and production,
thus producing 'prosperity'
and violence reduction!

Call me 'simple.'  'Out of touch.'
'Understanding naught.'
But those appealing for food and such,
But 'bring it home:' those who cry out
for all types of aid
drive autos newer than my own,
and clothing--'designer-made!'

Yet, still, the bullets fly.  The missiles
land and take their toll.
"Oh Lord Jesus, quickly come,
and purify each soul!!
We KNOW You have Your Chosen, Lord.
Protect us 'til That Day
all will be known, You split the skies,
and take Your Own away!

Everything we see on the news or read about in the paper is going to continue, (and get worse!) until God gives His Son Jesus the command to come and get us and take us to That Perfect Place!

Saturday, October 7, 2023


TALK ABOUT A 'TURN-AROUND!'  Shorts last week, and sweatpants this week!?!  I think 'Mother Nature' has Covid!!  HOWEVER, we will not whine about it, we will try and make the best of it!

Shivering in sunshine on

a beautiful Saturday.
The elements are quiet now,
the trees don't even sway!
Everything accomplished that
was needing to get done.
Now, for that precious, quiet time
with Jesus Christ, The Son!

What a glorious day, after
a week that had it all!
It started feeling summer-like,
now, it feels late in fall!
BUT GOD, He's ever-active, and
He's moving through us e'er!
With everything that's happening,
we KNOW He will be there!
And, we KNOW that He is with us, living
deep within our hearts!
His peace and calm assurance, He
most certainly imparts!
For even though we bask in peace,
so much is going on!
But, it is set aside for now,
before such peace 'feels' gone!

Ah...but NEVER be His peace 'gone'
in this temporal life,
(though, just outside that front door waits
a thousand kinds of strife!
But such is no concern, as I'm
a child of The King!
And, out that door, I can help folks
that go through everything!

Our little corner of 'Paradise!'  My wife and I savor it with every hour that passes while we are together.  I know that we have a Calling.  And I know that there will be plenty of time for THAT!  However, THIS time of peace is found nowhere else!

Friday, October 6, 2023

"In Heaven!"

"In Heaven!"  Oh, for a moment, just ponder those two words!  Is it humanly possible to get a grip upon all the promises that those two words contain?!

In Heaven, that great Paradise
created by His Word,
where is His throne forevermore
and perfection is occurred,
there will be no need for 'argument,'
or 'raising of the voice!'
We'll be in residence with Jesus,
as we, there, rejoice!

For Heaven is His Throne eterne,
earth, His own footstool!
In the life beyond our own
there is one only rule:
In Heaven, we shall spend our "time"
on what THE LORD declares!
Not fussing or disrupting, or
dispensing 'time' in 'shares!
We will do those 'Heavenly things,'
exhibiting our cares!
(Unlike the volumes of decrees
that man, he yet prepares!)

"IN HEAVEN!"--He is in our hearts,
and, everything we do,
it keeps us 'pressing on' toward!
It keeps us seeing victories
in living day-to-day!
Oh Heaven, it is in our hearts,

HEAVEN!  Join this man there, won't you?  There is but ONE certain way of getting there: Jesus Christ, God come in the flesh, came and lived and died on this earth.  Three days later, He rose out of the tomb, was seen by a few before He ascended back to Paradise.  It is IN HIS BLOOD that Heaven is availed to you and I, the only way.  In fact, His very Word tells us I AM THE WAY!  
Don't miss out, my friend!
(Based on Isaiah 66:1)

Thursday, October 5, 2023

All Four Seasons!

Ahhh...the four seasons!  It is so wonderful to live in a place that has them all!  I'm NOT blasting the town I grew up in, but for decades I only knew a 9-month summer and one month each of the other three!  And, for two years in HAWAII, it was summertime all year 'round!  Not here...

Autumn leaves are FINALLY
beginning to appear!
It is a welcome sight that we
expect and so endear!
The shades, the sights, the colors we
have come to know and love,
FINALLY, a few weeks late,
the treetops are full of!
And, finally, the temperature
has dropped to 'comfortable,'
and, doing things outside, for it
is finally possible!

And, just in time to mow the land,
Therefore, the chores we had to do,
they have been put on call!
Not to worry, here beneath
the metal-covered porch
can we enjoy, so comfortably,
a day that will not scorch
and watch and listen to the rain
that most have come to dread,
while conversing with The Lord,
and the birds He's fed!

Autumn morning...come so late,
but WELCOME, nonetheless!
Creator God, He joins us here
each morning for to bless,
and to discuss our lives each day--
the good times and the bad.
But, far more often, is the 'good'
that, together, we have had!

Beneath a metal roof during a rainstorm--THAT'S ALL YOU CAN HEAR!   But we love it!  We certainly needed this rain.  And a break from the choking heat is a plus, as well!  GOD IS SO GOOD!  Under this canopy, we watch as the squirrels jump from tree-to-tree...tree-to-fence...
and even down to the feeders on the tree sides!  And the little birds flap their wings in the little puddles that form.  WHAT A BLESSING!  "Thank You, Creator God!"

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

One and ONLY One!

A lot of 'talk' is going around about "How to get to Heaven."  Depending on which door you walk through, you will probably get a different 'interpretation' of how!  Depending on which 'spiritual leader' or 'guide' you listen to, you may get a totally different approach!  What about what The Bible, GOD'S OWN WORD says...

Beyond 'denomination,' more than

'bylaw' or 'belief,
relationship with Jesus Christ
must be heartfelt and CHIEF!
With Christ residing in the heart
and given all control,
succeeding in THIS life will be,
and He'll receive your soul!

Faith--for it cannot be based
in anything but Christ!
He is The One and only One
Who, for us, sacrificed!
He came, He lived, He died in life
like any man would do,
but, three days later, He rose again,
providing life anew!
That is NOT 'denomination,'
that is Truth, IN STONE!
On which, salvation for all men,
is very freely known!
The One and only Way for man
to know exoneration:
we confess, He forgives!

Love beyond 'denomination,'
Love that has ONE base!
And there is NO ONE needing such
that is a 'lost case!'
Jesus takes you as you are,
He saves your soul, forgives your sins,
and leads you everywhere!

"He didn't bring us this far to leave us!"
No, even though Jesus is the only Way to Heaven, once we give Him our soul He will lead us, guide us, bless us, encourage us and protect us!  (And much more!)
Have YOU found this to be true in YOUR life yet?

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Oh, That Perfect Time Ahead!!

We get up each day, spend time with Jesus and go our separate ways...that way that God directs us to go.  When we are finished, we return home, turn on the news and hear of MORE corruption...ON A DAILY BASIS!  Oh, but not for long!

There is a time when 'government,'

it will not be 'corrupt!
A time when there will be no
'issues' that interrupt!
A time that will not come to end,
and we will tire not!
It is a time that, all of HIS Own,
most certainly, have got!

That Time, for we read all about it
in His Word alive!
It's explained to us by them by whom,
His ordaining, does so drive!
It is a Time we look forward to
while we spend time down here,
doing all we're led to do
in the Spirit-sphere!

We see it and desire it
as we do all we can
bettering the world we're in,
and helping our brother-man!
Nothing of this place to hinder
in that 'yonder Place!
Do all you can, my brothers to
inspire more to Grace!

In this day and age, such is a daunting task...BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE!  We see and deal with folks each day that are DYING to hear about Jesus' eternal life!  LET NOTHING HOLD YOU BACK!

Monday, October 2, 2023

Truth that NEVER changes!

We live in a world where information is immediate and in constant change!  There is ONE Truth, however, that will NEVER change...no matter what mere mortal man develops...

There is a Truth so overlooked
yet needed more than ever!
It is a fact cemented hard
that not a thing will sever!
More than 'denomination,'
beyond 'by-law' or 'decree,'
it is the love and favor 
Jesus has for such as we!

The passion that our Savior has--
can ANY understand?
For He was with The Father when
the universe was planned!
He knew the path that He would take
when His time had come;
He knew of it before it all,
He knew the painful sum!

And, yet, my Jesus came because
of The Victory ahead!
Therefore, for such as you and I,
obedient, was He led!
So, each and all that He fore chose
could know That Victory--
The Victory from day-to-day,
regardless what we see!

The Victory--forevermore
in Heaven up above!
Where everything is perfect, and
the ONLY Law is love!
So, know The Truth of Jesus Christ
inside your heart and soul!
Relinquish your 'self' unto Him,
allowing Him control!

The Truth of Jesus Christ:  SALVATION THROUGH HIS BLOOD!  Your only Way to Eternal Heaven that God the Father has prepared for them that choose His Son!