Saturday, September 9, 2023

Who's Training Who?!

I have a bucket full of birdseed in my hand on this PERFECT day.  I converse with my Father God as I am going all over the property, filling the feeders that are hanging from the beautiful trees that God has created. 
When I am done with that, I will fill a bucket with sunflower seeds and fill the squirrel feeders.  Hmm...who is spoiling who?

Doves, they are conversing on
this shiny, weekend morn,
as I converse with God Most High,
Who does, the land, adorn!
After I give praise to Him,
I listen to His reply.
There, we discuss the week that was,
NOT just things that went awry!
But the things that went aright.
For outnumber far, do they!
As HE IS GOD--His love for us
does He constantly display!
And we can demonstrate it unto
ALL who come our way!
And, maybe even have affect
upon THEIR lives each day!
For all we come in contact with
as we go along
have something in the lives they live
that is, or has, gone wrong!
But THAT does not have to be
the 'definition' of this life,
as God, He has so much, much more
that overcomes such strife!

Like doves conversing in the sunlight
waiting for this man.
To toss them food out in the yard,
MY training, is their plan!
And savor I such training--it gives
me more time with God--
Him Who makes creations and
Whose time is NEVER flawed!

Yes, I must confess: The doves, the squirrels and the little birds have this man trained to enjoy their antics just so I will keep the twenty-something feeders that are on the property filled with what they love!

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