Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Unwrapping the Day!

One of the "experiences" of living on the coast or by a river is the fog that creeps in.  It's long as it burns off and causes no mishaps!  It is late morning, and the sunshine is beginning to break through...

Sunshine breaking through the fog
developed overnight.
It's like unwrapping presentation
of a wondrous gift!
Not many make the needed time
that such as this requires.
There are a chosen few that yet
possess such desires!

And, while I take it in, I am
conversing with The Lord.
I must MAKE time, such fellowship,
but each day to afford!
None of these sights are possible
without His loving touch!
And life, itself, would not exist
without His love, so much!

The glory and the majesty
provided by His love.
It's everywhere you cast your eyes,
even high above!
And so much more than 'seasonal,'
His Glory is to be!
At any time, in any place,
His wonder you can see!

The Order set in place
before was any 'race!'
Perfection all year-round
whence His Presence is found!

So blessed, so fortunate be them that can SEE with their eyes!  Even more fortunate be them that can look about and recognize the intricacies of His Creation!
NEVER take one moment for granted!

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