Sunday, September 3, 2023


Imagining a world where everyone got along.  A world where things could get accomplished without a fight!  It IS possible, you know?

"Religion" cannot solve the problems
we are going through.
It just divides the people more,
and angers quite a few!
"Politics" is not the answer.
It divides us more!
Exacerbating deep emotions
folks so deeply store!
The ONLY thing to bring together
folks of every kind,
is JESUS, dwelling in the heart,
and not just 'in the mind!'

For only as we exercise
the love of Christ each day,
forgiving one another as
we walk the Narrow Way,
letting not our feelings cloud
our vision as we go,
LIVING the Truths of Jesus, that
we very clearly know!
For ONLY then will issues of
the day affect us not!
And VICTORY we'll come to know--
that Victory He's wrought!

Religion...politics and 'feelings'
won't come into play!
And we can let Christ work through us
but all throughout the day!

OH, won't THAT day be wonderful?!  No more bickering about whose 'religion' or 'church' is the best!!  Just living, and Jesus living through us!  Just imagine the progress and things that we could accomplish...TOGETHER!


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