Friday, September 1, 2023

Time Coming!

Time presses on.  For some, that time is quite enjoyable.  For others, that time might be quite painful!  But it presses on at the same rate for each and every one of us!  Some of us, however, look forward to ANOTHER time!  A time after THIS time when EVERYTHING WILL BE PERFECT!  God has promised that time for His Own.  Are YOU 'One of His Own?'

"Oh when, oh when is time in

Jesus' Presence going to be!
Life, as GOD meant it has almost
but vanished totally!
Semblances of it exist, and they
are wonderful and so!
Ahh...but life in Heaven, Lord,
desire we to know!

When, oh when will EVERY EAR
discern The Trumpet Blast?
Oh, when will EVERY eye catch sight
of Jesus, riding fast
to catch His Bride, The Living Church,
and meet them in the air?!
Oh, that moment can't come soon enough, Lord!
Our hearts do we prepare!!"

Day after day, every one of us
who are born-again, set free,
We tune the ear, look to the east
and pray incessantly!!
We KNOW the only answer to
the way this world's become,
is to get upon our knees and cry
for Christ to quickly come!

"Even so, come quickly, Lord,"
they prayed compelling then!
Urging ANYONE who heard
to turn away from sin!
To turn to Jesus, asking Him
to be Savior, Lord and King!
We pray the same, WITH URGENCY!
That NONE be suffering!!

If you hear us talking about Jesus with you, it is NOT because we are "shoving a religion down your throat!"  It is because we are genuinely concerned about WHERE you will spend Eternity!  If someone is talking to you about Jesus, it is because they love you, NOT to get some kind of 'feather in their cap!'


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