Wednesday, September 6, 2023

The Almighty $

Yes, the Almighty Dollar.  Why is it that, more and more, that seems to be the most important aspect of SOME businesses?!  If you don't comply with a 'policy' that they have implemented, then they won't receive a certain amount of $$ from a government program?  IT JUST AIN'T RIGHT!!

Again, those with 'authority'

and knowledge in a field,
attempt to make the rest of us,
unto them, blindly yield!
If WE should exercise our 'right'
to, freely, 'pick and choose,'
then we are labelled as 'rebellious,'
and, from their office, they excuse!
And should we call them out this,
from their business, we are 'banned!'
Tell me, what would happen if
enough folks would take a stand?
If enough folks knew of 'policies'
these places have in place,
it would hit them in the pocketbook,
and, REALITY, they would face!

For too long we've sat idly by
while 'they' put rules in place
that we have no idea of
until we have to face!
Now, we're 'forced' to do things so
they get insurance money!
'Processes' and 'procedures' we don't need!
How many find that 'funny?'
It makes me yearn so, all the more
For in That Heaven that is waiting
no 'fraudulence' must we learn!

'EVEN SO, COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!' the soul cries out louder and louder each day!  Everything will be perfect there.  Nothing to worry about!  No more 'rules and regulations' devised by man just so he can get THE MIGHTY DOLLAR!

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