Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Saturday Sweetness!

Saturday.  Away from the speed and 'drama' that the week can become.  I just got finished putting out bird seed and hummingbird nectar in their respective feeders as I conversed with God--THE Creator of this beautiful piece of land we have been blessed with.  My wife joins me now on the deck and we 'watch the games begin...'

Enjoying, as the hummingbirds

are sparring once again!
They do so every time this man
would put fresh nectar in!
So many are the feeders on
my land at which to dine;
but I guess they feel THEIR 'territory'
it must NOT decline?!
Little do they know how
entertaining they've become!
Nor how many eyes are on them
as they're in their 'scrum!'

With autumn only days away,
so perfect is the breeze!
It makes to dance, so lightly, all
the branches of the trees!

For God, in His great wisdom, He
made such a time as this
to be enjoyed in all its wonder
for us not to miss!
Not too hot, not too cold
as foliage starts to turn
before the hummingbirds fly south,
until Spring would return!

"Oh thank You, once again, my Father,
for Your order set!
You know the days, the times, the seasons
and You DON'T forget!
You know what is and what will be-
far greater than mere 'words!'
Especially for sending us
these wondrous, little birds!"

A time so simple, uncomplicated.  The only 'drama' be that which God creates and causes us to behold as we MAKE the time to enjoy it!  Trust me, friend, it is well worth the time!

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