Friday, September 8, 2023


Running.  Each and every one of us seem to be running more and more.  To get somewhere?  To get away from somewhere?  To get to OR get away from 'something?'  Think about it...

There is no 'situation,'

no 'condition' or location,
from which Christ cannot minister,
or offer you salvation!
Even if you're on a desert
island all alone,
God is right there with you--
just because you are His Own!
Even before You ask His Son
to save your very soul,
GOD KNOWS YOU, and will take great steps
to make sure you are whole!
Try to run from Him and you'll
find Him already there
with open arms, forgiving heart,
and best care ANYWHERE!
Try refusing or defying Him,
it may work for awhile.
It may break his heart, but He
will be there, all the while!
And when you TRULY realize
His unrelenting love,
and call out Jesus' Holy Name,
He embraces from above!

Oh, the love of God!  It's more
than ANY love we know!
And, freely, that most precious Love,
on ALL does He bestow!
He only waits for YOU to 
realize your NEED for Him!
Then, He makes sure the Light inside you
will not ever dim!

All of us were OR are running from something at one point or another.  Could it be that we are, in all actuality, running to Jesus without even knowing it?  Hmm...

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