Tuesday, September 26, 2023


RELATIONSHIPS.  They are wonderful...WHEN they are NOT 'one-sided!'  A few examples from our travels came up recently, so I decided to write about them the other day.  Can YOU find yourself in any of these...

Why is it that 'relationships'
that are built for many years
just seem to disappear at once,
leaving some in tears?
'Time' invested in a church,
doing all we did back then-
it means a lot to Father God,
but 'forgotten' by most men!!
And those 'Folks of God' that moved away
for whom much time you took,
come back to visit, but you don't know
until you read FaceBook?!

But The Word of God said, in these last days,
love--it would wax cold!
Even amongst The Elect,
'friendships' are hard to hold!!
I thought it would be different when
it came to 'Leadership!'
I guess, though, with reality,
THIS man has lost his grip!

So, hang on to the 'friendships'
for as long as you can!
Trust in Jesus Christ alone!
And NOT in mortal man!
For Jesus WILL NOT disappoint,
He's 'closer than a friend!'
His loyalty and His love for us,
it shall not ever end!

I saw this a few months ago at a brother's church.  I saw it again a few weeks ago at a church close to town.  It is painful.  It hurts.  A pastor you once confided in.  A pastor who often confided in you.  They moved away to start another church across the country.  Years later, they return to town and only allow a select few know that they are in town and dine with them??


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