Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Precious TIME!

A day off from the busy place down in the middle of a town that seems to never sleep!  Not here, however, we get our necessary rest and time off!  GOD makes sure of that!

Away, for a time, from busyness
and business that must be!
Enjoying what God's set aside
but e'er for such as we!
There is such wonder from His hand,
which only HE creates,
absolutely everywhere
for the one who waits!

Yes!  You DO have time to enjoy!
Stop packing it so full
with issues and events that would
away from 'that time' pull!
Sure, all of us have things to do
with time away from 'labor,'
like spending it with hobbies, or
by helping out a neighbor!
But make sure it includes, also,
time with God Most High,
and THAT time that's just as precious:
time with family!

Precious time with God and family-
it does NOT have a price!
However, this world has made sure
it's a sacrifice!
It is a 'sacrifice,' however,
that brings gifts unseen!
Oh, make sure YOUR daily life includes
those 'times' that really 'mean!'

If Big Business had its way, it would have the best of us working 24/7!  DON'T LET IT!  MAKE that time away from all things that you AND your family truly deserve!

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