Monday, September 25, 2023

My Sister's Birthday

September 25.  My sister's birthday.  My sister Vicki.  She has so much impact on my life even to THIS day...even though God called her home when she was only in her forties!

They say "Gone but not forgotten..."
Some, though, not even 'gone!'
As their life has such affect on you
that they live on and on...
My sister Vicki, she is such
a person in this life:
grandmother...aunt...and wife!
Above all other 'titles,' though,
she is a dearest friend!
One of those whose 'friendship,'
it shall never know an end!

She taught me how to cook and clean
when mom and dad were busy.
In the game 'Monopoly,'
she beat me to a tizzy!!
So many different types of cards
she taught this man to play;
games I play and pass on to
my grandkids to this day!

But most of all, she LISTENED, heard,
and, wisdom, freely shared!
More than once, her arms were opened
when this child got scared!
And, these words you read right now
can be traced to her, too:
she bought me my first Bible at
a church camp she went to!

Oh, the years of memories,
the laughter and the love!
My sister Vicki--this man's heart,
such memories is full of!
I am so glad I was not asked to recite this!  I tried to recite it to my niece and we both cried!  My sister was NOT 'one in a million...!'  SHE IS ONE OF A KIND!!  'Thank You, Lord Jesus, for the years You gave us together!  Please take care of Vicki until we are together again!!'

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