Sunday, September 10, 2023

May We NEVER Forget!

Just walk around in this sprawling, non-stop, beautiful city.  It will change you forever!  And talk to those who defend this city in ANY capacity.  You will not only hear pride, but you will also see it, and you will feel it...

"It's not the money...," "It's not the 'prestige...,"

"It's not 'just a career...,"
"It's a passion!"  "It's an honor!"
"It is LOVE that keeps us here!"
"It is why generations follow,
doing what we do,
the 'First Responders,' 'Firefighters,'
Law Enforcement, too!'"
Such words apply in ANY town,
massive or itty-bitty,
in America but, this time
it is for NEW YORK CITY!

For we all know that tragic day
back in 2001.
We lost so many HEROES who
ran there for ANYONE!
They counted not the cost, as they
did everything they could
responding to an act of terror
by those who can't stand 'good!'
And, now, THE CHILDREN of those heroes
have taken on The Shield.
Proving that, to thieves and cowards,

America!  Prosperity-
envied by so many!
Given freely by The God
Who would give such to any!
Any that would yield to Him,
His mercy NEVER ends!
And, in THAT mercy, He calls them 'HEROES!'
And we can honor them as 'FRIENDS!'

There are so many of our 'friends' who gave their lives that day attempting to rescue the many friends and family members of so many.
September 11, 2001.  May we NEVER forget!

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