Saturday, September 23, 2023


If you haven't noticed, there is a 'vanishing species' that is right in front of our eyes.  We used to see it every day.  In fact, life itself would not go on without it!  TODAY, however...

Has 'loyalty' got any value

in places anymore!
Decades vested, they think nothing of
showing you the door!
'The working man'--he has become
'disposable,' these days!
Regardless of his 'ethics,'
his 'faithfulness' or his ways!

What good is 'loyalty' then, if
you're doing all you can?
When, after years, they give your job
unto some 'younger' man?
I see it more and more, you know,
in 'business' everywhere!
Knowing such, what 'dedication'
and 'loyalty' be there?

I saw the start decades ago
in the grocery place.
A full-timer retires, they hire
two part-timers to replace!
That rids them of the pension that
a full-timer would earn.
That rids life of but one more lesson
for 'loyalty' to learn!

"Oh God, You are a jealous God!
OUR loyalty You demand!
In return, however,
You secure us in Your hand!
And YOUR 'loyalty' we never
have to doubt at all,
because You are our EVERYTHING!
Our ONLY Wherewithal!"

LOYALTY.  Some people see it as a 'thing of the past.'  There are SOME folks, however, who see it as a way of life!  THOSE are the folks that we MUST desire to be around!  And, THOSE are the folks that God, Himself, will reward!

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