Thursday, September 28, 2023

Litmus Paper

OBEDIENCE.  That is a painful word to some folks.  Even offensive!  I have discovered that over the years by reading His Word, listening to pastors, and recording the words He gives me.

It is so painful how some folks won't
separate 'faith' from 'politics!'
They feel you MUST believe ONE way
so the other 'clicks!'
Or, if you mention 'politics'
of any kind at all,
the years of memories you've developed,
suddenly, they fall!
And WHEN did the 'belief system'
that has sustained us for years
become a 'stumbling block, that makes
'Narrowmindedness and fears?!'

I did not write the Ten Commandments,
or Word the Lord did bless,
but I will obey them best I can
because they cause success!
And they cause peace to live inside
the life and heart of mine!
And, though this life goes on about,
I always turn out fine!

I WILL write what He tells me to
when I pick up this pen!
I will not 'sugar-coat' these words
to cater unto men!
For God--His inspiration flows
when I avail my time!
So, if I'm inspired by 'agenda,'
then one of us does crime!

Not everything this man posts will please EVERYONE!  Sometimes, the words He gives me to send are unpleasant to even me!  BUT, I am going to be obedient and send them on as God leads me to!  That is not always 'popular.'  However, we are not called to be 'popular.'  We are called to be 'obedient.'


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