Monday, September 4, 2023

Labor Day, 2023

I had something written this morning that was scheduled to be sent tonight.  Then it struck me again what today is!  DUH!!  It is only right that I pen something in honor of everyone who does anything at all to better this world, keep it going, or helps someone else to do the same!  THANK YOU SO MUCH, and God bless you with His abundance!

Laboring with those who labor,
day in and day out!
Everywhere we are, we strive
to get the products out!
Some of us are visible
and serve you everyday;
we thank you for coming in the store
and sending sales our way!

However, there are many others
striving just as much,
(if not MORE, this man would add,)
and you may not see THEIR touch!
The makers, manufacturers,
and transportation crews,
behind the scenes, working day and night,
who do not get the views!
"Labor Day" is for them, too,
let's not lose sight of THAT!
And pray for God's protective sight
wherever they are at!
And, trust me, they are all around you,
making sure things run,
making sure that lights stay on,
so we can have our fun!

So, this Day is for ALL who 'labor" anywhere, any time at all.  GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY!  May your efforts NEVER go 'unnoticed!'  Please know that THIS writer is grateful for you!!  For without the efforts of some, you would not be reading these words right now!  THANK YOU, LABORERS!!


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