Sunday, September 17, 2023

Keeping In Touch

It's funny how, (if not painful!) over the years, or any span of time, we lose touch with the ones that we treasure(d) most.  Being who I am, I see it all too often in lives.  (Even lives that I am involved in.)
It takes effort to retain the precious relationships that we have developed over the years.  Are YOU willing to put in that effort?

If, somehow, we part ways
in these 'complicated' days,
just remember, you are in my heart forever!
'Relations' come and go.
But this one thing I know:
what we have, there's NOTHING that can sever!
I have lived long enough, you know,"
to notice how wrong things can go
between good people--over STUPID things!
So if, somehow, part we,
much 'media' there be
for us to find what that great contact brings!

The Lord, He's over all!
As long as Him we call,
He will keep us safe while we're apart!
He knows how much you mean,
and how much we have seen,
and how deeply you reside within the heart!

So, if, somehow, we part,
your presence in my heart-
it will remain, whatever comes to be!
You're girded deep in prayer,
as, so much life, we share,
and God assures that, someday, we will see!

Don't give up.  Don't ever give up!  Those friends and loved ones that hardly ever contact you may just surprise you one day with a card, visit or a phone call!  What will you have to say?  Don't even worry about that!  God will give you the exact words that will rekindle that relationship or friendship that you treasured so!

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