Saturday, September 2, 2023


Ahh...finally, SUNDAY MORNING!  A day of praise and adoration of our Lord and Savior!  HE IS WORTHY!  The doors close, everyone stands and we begin to sing those glorious songs that get us closer to God each time we sing or hear them!
But then, WHAT'S THAT SMELL??  Who is THAT guy...

A Sunday Morning, full of glory,
fellowship and friends!
That precious time of fellowship
that you pray never ends!
But each of us have jobs to do
and things throughout the week.
But we KNOW that, as we gather here,
the Lord will ALWAYS speak!

But this week, it has been disrupted
as we sing along,
by someone we don't recognize,
and His appearance is all wrong?!
Has he no reverence for this house,
or for those who attend?!
Further, his clothing and his smell,
they put off and offend!!
The Pastor stops what he is doing,
steps down and welcomes him?!
He hugs him and gives him a seat?!
Every voice goes dim!
The Pastor finishes his sermon
and starts talking with this man!
Surely, he will ask him to 
'clean up' to come again!
But no!  As Pastor greets the last one
going out the door,
he invites 'this man' to join them for lunch!

And that's NOT why Christ has saved your soul!
NOT to judge such as 'these!'
We are saved for such a time as this!
Now REPENT for being 'at ease!!'

I am so grateful that the man that led me to the Lord did so with a cue stick in his hand in a smoke-filled bar with folks drinking beer all around us!  That didn't stop him and his son from going there to have dinner!  THANK GOD THAT THEY LISTENED TO THE HOLY SPIRIT!
We would do well by listening more to Holy Spirit than to what those around us may think or feel!

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