Monday, September 18, 2023


We got an invitation from a friend from the past to join her at her church.  Not having been able to find a REAL church with the Presence of God in several months, we decided to accept her offer.  OH BROTHER, AM I GLAD WE DID!!               

FINALLY, returning to God's Place,

where we receive His love, healing and grace!
A 'fullness' I have felt for not some while.
Upon His Altar, months to reconcile!

The House of God--so holy and alive!
In which should soul and spirit so revive!
So wonderful it is to find THAT PLACE
whence, freely flow peace, mercy, love and grace!
And, even more enjoyed, that place to be
when, familiar brethren, do we see!
But, even more enjoyed, be JESUS' Presence
of joy, love, hope and peace--He is The Essence!
And MERCY--it should freely, too, abound,
as we make entrance to that Hallowed Ground!
Serving...learning...loving everyone--
for, as we do, His Perfect Will be done!

Yes, back to The House where God, Himself resides.
But, THAT'S in all in whom Jesus' Blood abides!!
A 'building' where we gather of like mind.
Sweet fellowship and love we ALWAYS find!

The Holy House of God...THE CHURCH!  It SHOULD always be a place of refuge and refreshment to the soul!  May EVERY building that calls itself a 'church' provide access to Jesus Christ, provide HIS love and LIVE HIS attributes!

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