Sunday, September 10, 2023

Everlasting Precious Promises

Blessings on you!

In His Word, God is not stingy about the way He feels about us!  Too, His Writers are not stingy about getting across to us the way they feel about Him!  Listen to Isaiah as He recites what God said to Him from Isaiah chapter 44:8-9...

"I am The First.  I am The Last!
Declares your Only King!
Aside from Me, there is no god!
Who else is there to make that claim?
Let them speak up and declare!!
No person or power in existence
is there anywhere!"

"Since I existed, all that I
have ordered came to be!
And I have each of YOUR steps in My hand-
Do not fear.  Don't be afraid!
I know the path ahead!
I have control of everything!
(Even that which you dread!)

I am God.  You cannot grasp me.
Do not even try!
Reside alone in My great grace!
Trust Me and rely!
Only YOU can make that call!
I will ALWAYS respond,
because you are so valuable
and, OF YOU, I am so fond!'"

Oh, what great and wonderful Truths and Promises found in His Holy and Living Word!  Partake of them each and every day.  They will not only affect YOU, they will have an impact on the world that you are in!  THAT'S A PROMISE!

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