Thursday, September 7, 2023


The world as we know it has become a master of trickery, deceit, deception and SIN!  However, there is ONE "Someone" that we know Who will NEVER leave us, forsake us or mislead us in ANY way!  Do YOU know Him?  

Trusting, leaning, depending on

the one and Only Lord!
Jesus!  Master!  King of kings!
Holy and adored!
The ONLY One so counted on
here in the final days!
The ONLY One we worship and
so dedicate our praise!

The longer that I live, the more
I come to realize
that Christ--He is the ONLY Source
Who NEVER dons a 'guise!'
He CANNOT lie, nor will He 
have you to be 'misled!'
He speaks--and ALWAYS follows through
with everything He's said!

My Jesus--oh, so faithful is He,
and to be greatly trusted!
Even when 'life's' situations
may leave us disgusted!
We can turn to Jesus, He's
available always!
And, though life changes constantly,
so settled are His ways!

So, live this life as best you can.
Be kind to all you know!
And KNOW a perfect life awaits
beyond ALL through which we go!
We will be in His Presence there
with not a thing to fear!
So, press on, be well and make those friends,
those kind that will endear!

'Those kind that will endear...'  They are getting harder and harder to find!  If you have them, KEEP THEM!  If you do not, find them and make them 'those kind' of friends!  They are a great gift from God, Himself!

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