Saturday, September 30, 2023


There are folks you come across in life that leave an indelible impression upon you.  You savor their friendship, desire their company, and you pray for them often! 
Some folks that have been in our lives for years moved away recently.  I made it a point to call them often so we would not lose touch. 
That's what friends do!

I called a friend we've had for years
for monthly conversation.
They moved on many years ago
but we retain relation!
We've kept in touch in many ways
because they are so good!
Such relationships are vital-
possess such, ALL folks should!

Today, though, when I called, somebody
else picked up the phone.
My friend's disease progressed so much
she could not live alone!
This person said my friend no longer
used the phone a bit,
because they got angry and confused
when voices came from it!

Alzheimer's or such curse...
They happen to the best of us,
and they bring out the worse!!
Even servants of The Lord
seem not immune to such,
even those affecting our lives
with their care and touch!

"Oh God, come quickly, that such plagues
affect us nevermore!
For we KNOW that, in Your Paradise,
so fully, You'll restore!
These bodies traded for the ones
so perfect, everlasting!
Jesus Christ--Savior and Lord--
the ONLY ONE Who's casting!"

"Life gives and takes..."  We've heard that line for years.  Lately, however, why does it feel like it is TAKING more than it has been giving?!  Especially from the ones we love!!

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