Saturday, September 16, 2023

Diverse Pains

This life gives us times of pain that are not easily explained away.  Physical pain is one thing, as we can usually pinpoint the cause of it.  There are for more worse pains in this life.  And you can barely explain them.  A near and dear friend can usually help.  BUT, there is One Who can ALWAYS explain them AND deliver you from them!  HIS NAME IS JESUS!

In this painful moment I feel alone.
There is nobody.  None to share my groan!
All others, they seem 'too busy with life'
to hear me out...or listen to my strife!
So fortunate are they to not go through
the pain and agony that I must do
Have they even seen 'challenges' at all?
The kind that makes your very spirit fall?

"But you are NOT alone, My precious child!
I hold You every time you feel 'defiled!'
I know the pain and grief you're going through!
Remember, they took My Child from Me, too!
'This, too, shall pass.'  And, stronger, you will be!
You MUST have faith and confidence in Me!
I can't steer you unless you're 'on the move!'
RISE UP!  RISE UP!  It will greatly behoove!"

And YOU, my friend, are YOU 'caught in a rut?'
You have a plan.  You want to move on...BUT!
Please do not let 'situations of the past,'
hinder so prosperity goes passed!
For God is well aware of where you are!
And, if you let Him, He will take you far!
But YOU must give to Him complete control,
if, yet again, you'll be completely whole!
I know the heart...the loss...the pain...the grief!
Releasing it to God, though, it is CHIEF! 

Too many people too close to us are in pain: physical pain...emotional pain...that 'pain' that they have no idea how to explain!  God is well aware of that pain, though.  And you don't even have to 'explain' it to Him!  He already knows how it feels and He knows exactly what to do with it!  Question is: ARE YOU GOING TO TURN IT OVER TO HIM so He CAN deal with it?

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