Friday, September 29, 2023

Before I Begin...

I stand out on the deck and look out across the land, beholding the glory of His creation!  Though there be not a cloud in the sky, there are still plenty of places that are 'dark' due to the shadows...

Beholding all the riches of the shade
that God's morning sun, once more, has made!
While light is shining everywhere around,
several places of darkness can be found!
Like that forest there, with wildlife so vast...
or the shadows that the mighty trees would cast!
In both places, deer and squirrels abide;
from the rising heat, they try to hide!

But not this man!  I revel in the light!
September morning--it is such delight!
Perfect morning to accomplish chores,
with God within me so my strength restores!
That which must be done--it requires no words.
But I do so with the squirrels and the birds!
And with The Creator of them all--
God Most High, He listens when I call!

Heaven's glories--shared with all who care.
With not another thing may they compare!
How many would appreciate such wonder?
Too many see His glories and see 'plunder!'

"Oh, thank You, God Most High, for Your creation!
And thank You for this priceless recreation!
You're so great and mighty, generous and good!
Oh Lord, to match Your wonder, no one could!!"

The wonder of variety in God's Creation!  His handiwork NEVER ceases to amaze and please this humble servant!
I pray that YOUR day is just as wondrous!


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