Thursday, September 14, 2023

Autumn Afternoons

Out in the yard, communing with Creator God on this glorious afternoon!  It has so many benefits, don't you know?

Autumn breezes.  So refreshing-
the song of afternoon!
As Creator God and I
communicate, commune.
As I convey what's on my heart
He makes mine eyes to see
the wonders that are in plain sight,
but right in front of me!

I tell Him of life's situations.
Solutions, He provides.
Solutions that bring folks together,
nothing that divides!
Already in this world, too much
'divisions' taking place!
Would it not be better if
we exercised more grace?

So is our conversation on
this perfect afternoon!
As we ALL need to have those keys
that bring us more 'in tune!'
And, if we pay attention to
His glorious creation,
those 'keys'--so very valuable,
will be in our possession!
And we'll have one more afternoon
so valuable, with peace,
in our possession, so that we
can, liberally, release!

Would it not be more wonderful, my friend, to have more in our possession that brings folks closer together?!  IT'S POSSIBLE!  But such can only be obtained from God Most High!


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