Friday, September 29, 2023

Are YOU Ready, my Friend?

I would ask that of all that I come in contact with!  For God's Word is Truth.  And, truth is, That Day is getting closer and closer every moment that passes!

"O come!  O come!  Ye day avowed that is ahead!

When, BY PURE LOVE, our lives, they shall be led!
No reason or desire to defraud!
All words and actions to be led by God!
'Prosperity' there benefitting others,
and contentment known, as all are brothers!
That Place where 'deception' never be thought of,
living solely governed by pure love!"

Too much is it to look at life this way?
For we KNOW that life will be that way someday!
A life with not a care or a concern,
but NOT for those who, Jesus Grace, would spurn!
"You must be born again to see that life
in Paradise, where there's no grief or strife!"
His offer stands for now...but for how long?

THEN to know That Life that He designed,
where all is good and everything refined!
Christ enthroned in rightful Glory Place
with every soul that's born again by grace!
"O come!  O come!"  We cry, in one accord,
to see our Jesus!  Master, King and Lord!
To live and look and savor His great gift,
He has for all--the heart and soul to lift!

Yes!  The cry of our hearts each day be "...even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!"  But it is more than just a cry!  It is a Promise from Him in His Word!  
Be ye ready, my friend!

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