Sunday, September 24, 2023

Advantages of 'Belonging!'

IF we are paying attention, He can turn the most simple, ordinary, mundane sights into a spectacle!  Question is: Will YOU allow Him time to?

Sunshine on the vines.
Beautifully it shines!
Works of God reveal
what, otherwise, conceal!
Squirrels make delight...
songbirds sing alight!
Symphonies so bright,
as God turns on light!

But, as we rush out to the day
to do all that we can,
we overlook simplicities
designs He for each man!
Such robs us of the glories that
are everywhere around!
Embezzling us of the joys
that, endlessly, abound!

My friend, take your time.
Today--it will rhyme.
Differ may 'the scheme,'
BUT GOD, All-Supreme
makes each day anew
for me and for you!
'Til the Trumpet Sound,

"Life is the same-old, same old..."  I hear it from too many.  BUT IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE!  When God is our focus, it is amazing how much more enjoyable each day is!  AND DIFFERENT!  He has so many activities to get involved in...partake of...or simply enjoy!  DON'T MISS OUT ON ANOTHER DAY!

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