Saturday, September 30, 2023


There are folks you come across in life that leave an indelible impression upon you.  You savor their friendship, desire their company, and you pray for them often! 
Some folks that have been in our lives for years moved away recently.  I made it a point to call them often so we would not lose touch. 
That's what friends do!

I called a friend we've had for years
for monthly conversation.
They moved on many years ago
but we retain relation!
We've kept in touch in many ways
because they are so good!
Such relationships are vital-
possess such, ALL folks should!

Today, though, when I called, somebody
else picked up the phone.
My friend's disease progressed so much
she could not live alone!
This person said my friend no longer
used the phone a bit,
because they got angry and confused
when voices came from it!

Alzheimer's or such curse...
They happen to the best of us,
and they bring out the worse!!
Even servants of The Lord
seem not immune to such,
even those affecting our lives
with their care and touch!

"Oh God, come quickly, that such plagues
affect us nevermore!
For we KNOW that, in Your Paradise,
so fully, You'll restore!
These bodies traded for the ones
so perfect, everlasting!
Jesus Christ--Savior and Lord--
the ONLY ONE Who's casting!"

"Life gives and takes..."  We've heard that line for years.  Lately, however, why does it feel like it is TAKING more than it has been giving?!  Especially from the ones we love!!

Friday, September 29, 2023

Before I Begin...

I stand out on the deck and look out across the land, beholding the glory of His creation!  Though there be not a cloud in the sky, there are still plenty of places that are 'dark' due to the shadows...

Beholding all the riches of the shade
that God's morning sun, once more, has made!
While light is shining everywhere around,
several places of darkness can be found!
Like that forest there, with wildlife so vast...
or the shadows that the mighty trees would cast!
In both places, deer and squirrels abide;
from the rising heat, they try to hide!

But not this man!  I revel in the light!
September morning--it is such delight!
Perfect morning to accomplish chores,
with God within me so my strength restores!
That which must be done--it requires no words.
But I do so with the squirrels and the birds!
And with The Creator of them all--
God Most High, He listens when I call!

Heaven's glories--shared with all who care.
With not another thing may they compare!
How many would appreciate such wonder?
Too many see His glories and see 'plunder!'

"Oh, thank You, God Most High, for Your creation!
And thank You for this priceless recreation!
You're so great and mighty, generous and good!
Oh Lord, to match Your wonder, no one could!!"

The wonder of variety in God's Creation!  His handiwork NEVER ceases to amaze and please this humble servant!
I pray that YOUR day is just as wondrous!


Are YOU Ready, my Friend?

I would ask that of all that I come in contact with!  For God's Word is Truth.  And, truth is, That Day is getting closer and closer every moment that passes!

"O come!  O come!  Ye day avowed that is ahead!

When, BY PURE LOVE, our lives, they shall be led!
No reason or desire to defraud!
All words and actions to be led by God!
'Prosperity' there benefitting others,
and contentment known, as all are brothers!
That Place where 'deception' never be thought of,
living solely governed by pure love!"

Too much is it to look at life this way?
For we KNOW that life will be that way someday!
A life with not a care or a concern,
but NOT for those who, Jesus Grace, would spurn!
"You must be born again to see that life
in Paradise, where there's no grief or strife!"
His offer stands for now...but for how long?

THEN to know That Life that He designed,
where all is good and everything refined!
Christ enthroned in rightful Glory Place
with every soul that's born again by grace!
"O come!  O come!"  We cry, in one accord,
to see our Jesus!  Master, King and Lord!
To live and look and savor His great gift,
He has for all--the heart and soul to lift!

Yes!  The cry of our hearts each day be "...even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!"  But it is more than just a cry!  It is a Promise from Him in His Word!  
Be ye ready, my friend!

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Litmus Paper

OBEDIENCE.  That is a painful word to some folks.  Even offensive!  I have discovered that over the years by reading His Word, listening to pastors, and recording the words He gives me.

It is so painful how some folks won't
separate 'faith' from 'politics!'
They feel you MUST believe ONE way
so the other 'clicks!'
Or, if you mention 'politics'
of any kind at all,
the years of memories you've developed,
suddenly, they fall!
And WHEN did the 'belief system'
that has sustained us for years
become a 'stumbling block, that makes
'Narrowmindedness and fears?!'

I did not write the Ten Commandments,
or Word the Lord did bless,
but I will obey them best I can
because they cause success!
And they cause peace to live inside
the life and heart of mine!
And, though this life goes on about,
I always turn out fine!

I WILL write what He tells me to
when I pick up this pen!
I will not 'sugar-coat' these words
to cater unto men!
For God--His inspiration flows
when I avail my time!
So, if I'm inspired by 'agenda,'
then one of us does crime!

Not everything this man posts will please EVERYONE!  Sometimes, the words He gives me to send are unpleasant to even me!  BUT, I am going to be obedient and send them on as God leads me to!  That is not always 'popular.'  However, we are not called to be 'popular.'  We are called to be 'obedient.'


Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Unwrapping the Day!

One of the "experiences" of living on the coast or by a river is the fog that creeps in.  It's long as it burns off and causes no mishaps!  It is late morning, and the sunshine is beginning to break through...

Sunshine breaking through the fog
developed overnight.
It's like unwrapping presentation
of a wondrous gift!
Not many make the needed time
that such as this requires.
There are a chosen few that yet
possess such desires!

And, while I take it in, I am
conversing with The Lord.
I must MAKE time, such fellowship,
but each day to afford!
None of these sights are possible
without His loving touch!
And life, itself, would not exist
without His love, so much!

The glory and the majesty
provided by His love.
It's everywhere you cast your eyes,
even high above!
And so much more than 'seasonal,'
His Glory is to be!
At any time, in any place,
His wonder you can see!

The Order set in place
before was any 'race!'
Perfection all year-round
whence His Presence is found!

So blessed, so fortunate be them that can SEE with their eyes!  Even more fortunate be them that can look about and recognize the intricacies of His Creation!
NEVER take one moment for granted!

Tuesday, September 26, 2023


RELATIONSHIPS.  They are wonderful...WHEN they are NOT 'one-sided!'  A few examples from our travels came up recently, so I decided to write about them the other day.  Can YOU find yourself in any of these...

Why is it that 'relationships'
that are built for many years
just seem to disappear at once,
leaving some in tears?
'Time' invested in a church,
doing all we did back then-
it means a lot to Father God,
but 'forgotten' by most men!!
And those 'Folks of God' that moved away
for whom much time you took,
come back to visit, but you don't know
until you read FaceBook?!

But The Word of God said, in these last days,
love--it would wax cold!
Even amongst The Elect,
'friendships' are hard to hold!!
I thought it would be different when
it came to 'Leadership!'
I guess, though, with reality,
THIS man has lost his grip!

So, hang on to the 'friendships'
for as long as you can!
Trust in Jesus Christ alone!
And NOT in mortal man!
For Jesus WILL NOT disappoint,
He's 'closer than a friend!'
His loyalty and His love for us,
it shall not ever end!

I saw this a few months ago at a brother's church.  I saw it again a few weeks ago at a church close to town.  It is painful.  It hurts.  A pastor you once confided in.  A pastor who often confided in you.  They moved away to start another church across the country.  Years later, they return to town and only allow a select few know that they are in town and dine with them??


Monday, September 25, 2023

My Sister's Birthday

September 25.  My sister's birthday.  My sister Vicki.  She has so much impact on my life even to THIS day...even though God called her home when she was only in her forties!

They say "Gone but not forgotten..."
Some, though, not even 'gone!'
As their life has such affect on you
that they live on and on...
My sister Vicki, she is such
a person in this life:
grandmother...aunt...and wife!
Above all other 'titles,' though,
she is a dearest friend!
One of those whose 'friendship,'
it shall never know an end!

She taught me how to cook and clean
when mom and dad were busy.
In the game 'Monopoly,'
she beat me to a tizzy!!
So many different types of cards
she taught this man to play;
games I play and pass on to
my grandkids to this day!

But most of all, she LISTENED, heard,
and, wisdom, freely shared!
More than once, her arms were opened
when this child got scared!
And, these words you read right now
can be traced to her, too:
she bought me my first Bible at
a church camp she went to!

Oh, the years of memories,
the laughter and the love!
My sister Vicki--this man's heart,
such memories is full of!
I am so glad I was not asked to recite this!  I tried to recite it to my niece and we both cried!  My sister was NOT 'one in a million...!'  SHE IS ONE OF A KIND!!  'Thank You, Lord Jesus, for the years You gave us together!  Please take care of Vicki until we are together again!!'

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Advantages of 'Belonging!'

IF we are paying attention, He can turn the most simple, ordinary, mundane sights into a spectacle!  Question is: Will YOU allow Him time to?

Sunshine on the vines.
Beautifully it shines!
Works of God reveal
what, otherwise, conceal!
Squirrels make delight...
songbirds sing alight!
Symphonies so bright,
as God turns on light!

But, as we rush out to the day
to do all that we can,
we overlook simplicities
designs He for each man!
Such robs us of the glories that
are everywhere around!
Embezzling us of the joys
that, endlessly, abound!

My friend, take your time.
Today--it will rhyme.
Differ may 'the scheme,'
BUT GOD, All-Supreme
makes each day anew
for me and for you!
'Til the Trumpet Sound,

"Life is the same-old, same old..."  I hear it from too many.  BUT IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE!  When God is our focus, it is amazing how much more enjoyable each day is!  AND DIFFERENT!  He has so many activities to get involved in...partake of...or simply enjoy!  DON'T MISS OUT ON ANOTHER DAY!

Saturday, September 23, 2023


If you haven't noticed, there is a 'vanishing species' that is right in front of our eyes.  We used to see it every day.  In fact, life itself would not go on without it!  TODAY, however...

Has 'loyalty' got any value

in places anymore!
Decades vested, they think nothing of
showing you the door!
'The working man'--he has become
'disposable,' these days!
Regardless of his 'ethics,'
his 'faithfulness' or his ways!

What good is 'loyalty' then, if
you're doing all you can?
When, after years, they give your job
unto some 'younger' man?
I see it more and more, you know,
in 'business' everywhere!
Knowing such, what 'dedication'
and 'loyalty' be there?

I saw the start decades ago
in the grocery place.
A full-timer retires, they hire
two part-timers to replace!
That rids them of the pension that
a full-timer would earn.
That rids life of but one more lesson
for 'loyalty' to learn!

"Oh God, You are a jealous God!
OUR loyalty You demand!
In return, however,
You secure us in Your hand!
And YOUR 'loyalty' we never
have to doubt at all,
because You are our EVERYTHING!
Our ONLY Wherewithal!"

LOYALTY.  Some people see it as a 'thing of the past.'  There are SOME folks, however, who see it as a way of life!  THOSE are the folks that we MUST desire to be around!  And, THOSE are the folks that God, Himself, will reward!

Monday, September 18, 2023


We got an invitation from a friend from the past to join her at her church.  Not having been able to find a REAL church with the Presence of God in several months, we decided to accept her offer.  OH BROTHER, AM I GLAD WE DID!!               

FINALLY, returning to God's Place,

where we receive His love, healing and grace!
A 'fullness' I have felt for not some while.
Upon His Altar, months to reconcile!

The House of God--so holy and alive!
In which should soul and spirit so revive!
So wonderful it is to find THAT PLACE
whence, freely flow peace, mercy, love and grace!
And, even more enjoyed, that place to be
when, familiar brethren, do we see!
But, even more enjoyed, be JESUS' Presence
of joy, love, hope and peace--He is The Essence!
And MERCY--it should freely, too, abound,
as we make entrance to that Hallowed Ground!
Serving...learning...loving everyone--
for, as we do, His Perfect Will be done!

Yes, back to The House where God, Himself resides.
But, THAT'S in all in whom Jesus' Blood abides!!
A 'building' where we gather of like mind.
Sweet fellowship and love we ALWAYS find!

The Holy House of God...THE CHURCH!  It SHOULD always be a place of refuge and refreshment to the soul!  May EVERY building that calls itself a 'church' provide access to Jesus Christ, provide HIS love and LIVE HIS attributes!

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Keeping In Touch

It's funny how, (if not painful!) over the years, or any span of time, we lose touch with the ones that we treasure(d) most.  Being who I am, I see it all too often in lives.  (Even lives that I am involved in.)
It takes effort to retain the precious relationships that we have developed over the years.  Are YOU willing to put in that effort?

If, somehow, we part ways
in these 'complicated' days,
just remember, you are in my heart forever!
'Relations' come and go.
But this one thing I know:
what we have, there's NOTHING that can sever!
I have lived long enough, you know,"
to notice how wrong things can go
between good people--over STUPID things!
So if, somehow, part we,
much 'media' there be
for us to find what that great contact brings!

The Lord, He's over all!
As long as Him we call,
He will keep us safe while we're apart!
He knows how much you mean,
and how much we have seen,
and how deeply you reside within the heart!

So, if, somehow, we part,
your presence in my heart-
it will remain, whatever comes to be!
You're girded deep in prayer,
as, so much life, we share,
and God assures that, someday, we will see!

Don't give up.  Don't ever give up!  Those friends and loved ones that hardly ever contact you may just surprise you one day with a card, visit or a phone call!  What will you have to say?  Don't even worry about that!  God will give you the exact words that will rekindle that relationship or friendship that you treasured so!

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Diverse Pains

This life gives us times of pain that are not easily explained away.  Physical pain is one thing, as we can usually pinpoint the cause of it.  There are for more worse pains in this life.  And you can barely explain them.  A near and dear friend can usually help.  BUT, there is One Who can ALWAYS explain them AND deliver you from them!  HIS NAME IS JESUS!

In this painful moment I feel alone.
There is nobody.  None to share my groan!
All others, they seem 'too busy with life'
to hear me out...or listen to my strife!
So fortunate are they to not go through
the pain and agony that I must do
Have they even seen 'challenges' at all?
The kind that makes your very spirit fall?

"But you are NOT alone, My precious child!
I hold You every time you feel 'defiled!'
I know the pain and grief you're going through!
Remember, they took My Child from Me, too!
'This, too, shall pass.'  And, stronger, you will be!
You MUST have faith and confidence in Me!
I can't steer you unless you're 'on the move!'
RISE UP!  RISE UP!  It will greatly behoove!"

And YOU, my friend, are YOU 'caught in a rut?'
You have a plan.  You want to move on...BUT!
Please do not let 'situations of the past,'
hinder so prosperity goes passed!
For God is well aware of where you are!
And, if you let Him, He will take you far!
But YOU must give to Him complete control,
if, yet again, you'll be completely whole!
I know the heart...the loss...the pain...the grief!
Releasing it to God, though, it is CHIEF! 

Too many people too close to us are in pain: physical pain...emotional pain...that 'pain' that they have no idea how to explain!  God is well aware of that pain, though.  And you don't even have to 'explain' it to Him!  He already knows how it feels and He knows exactly what to do with it!  Question is: ARE YOU GOING TO TURN IT OVER TO HIM so He CAN deal with it?

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Autumn Afternoons

Out in the yard, communing with Creator God on this glorious afternoon!  It has so many benefits, don't you know?

Autumn breezes.  So refreshing-
the song of afternoon!
As Creator God and I
communicate, commune.
As I convey what's on my heart
He makes mine eyes to see
the wonders that are in plain sight,
but right in front of me!

I tell Him of life's situations.
Solutions, He provides.
Solutions that bring folks together,
nothing that divides!
Already in this world, too much
'divisions' taking place!
Would it not be better if
we exercised more grace?

So is our conversation on
this perfect afternoon!
As we ALL need to have those keys
that bring us more 'in tune!'
And, if we pay attention to
His glorious creation,
those 'keys'--so very valuable,
will be in our possession!
And we'll have one more afternoon
so valuable, with peace,
in our possession, so that we
can, liberally, release!

Would it not be more wonderful, my friend, to have more in our possession that brings folks closer together?!  IT'S POSSIBLE!  But such can only be obtained from God Most High!


Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Precious TIME!

A day off from the busy place down in the middle of a town that seems to never sleep!  Not here, however, we get our necessary rest and time off!  GOD makes sure of that!

Away, for a time, from busyness
and business that must be!
Enjoying what God's set aside
but e'er for such as we!
There is such wonder from His hand,
which only HE creates,
absolutely everywhere
for the one who waits!

Yes!  You DO have time to enjoy!
Stop packing it so full
with issues and events that would
away from 'that time' pull!
Sure, all of us have things to do
with time away from 'labor,'
like spending it with hobbies, or
by helping out a neighbor!
But make sure it includes, also,
time with God Most High,
and THAT time that's just as precious:
time with family!

Precious time with God and family-
it does NOT have a price!
However, this world has made sure
it's a sacrifice!
It is a 'sacrifice,' however,
that brings gifts unseen!
Oh, make sure YOUR daily life includes
those 'times' that really 'mean!'

If Big Business had its way, it would have the best of us working 24/7!  DON'T LET IT!  MAKE that time away from all things that you AND your family truly deserve!

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Saturday Sweetness!

Saturday.  Away from the speed and 'drama' that the week can become.  I just got finished putting out bird seed and hummingbird nectar in their respective feeders as I conversed with God--THE Creator of this beautiful piece of land we have been blessed with.  My wife joins me now on the deck and we 'watch the games begin...'

Enjoying, as the hummingbirds

are sparring once again!
They do so every time this man
would put fresh nectar in!
So many are the feeders on
my land at which to dine;
but I guess they feel THEIR 'territory'
it must NOT decline?!
Little do they know how
entertaining they've become!
Nor how many eyes are on them
as they're in their 'scrum!'

With autumn only days away,
so perfect is the breeze!
It makes to dance, so lightly, all
the branches of the trees!

For God, in His great wisdom, He
made such a time as this
to be enjoyed in all its wonder
for us not to miss!
Not too hot, not too cold
as foliage starts to turn
before the hummingbirds fly south,
until Spring would return!

"Oh thank You, once again, my Father,
for Your order set!
You know the days, the times, the seasons
and You DON'T forget!
You know what is and what will be-
far greater than mere 'words!'
Especially for sending us
these wondrous, little birds!"

A time so simple, uncomplicated.  The only 'drama' be that which God creates and causes us to behold as we MAKE the time to enjoy it!  Trust me, friend, it is well worth the time!

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Everlasting Precious Promises

Blessings on you!

In His Word, God is not stingy about the way He feels about us!  Too, His Writers are not stingy about getting across to us the way they feel about Him!  Listen to Isaiah as He recites what God said to Him from Isaiah chapter 44:8-9...

"I am The First.  I am The Last!
Declares your Only King!
Aside from Me, there is no god!
Who else is there to make that claim?
Let them speak up and declare!!
No person or power in existence
is there anywhere!"

"Since I existed, all that I
have ordered came to be!
And I have each of YOUR steps in My hand-
Do not fear.  Don't be afraid!
I know the path ahead!
I have control of everything!
(Even that which you dread!)

I am God.  You cannot grasp me.
Do not even try!
Reside alone in My great grace!
Trust Me and rely!
Only YOU can make that call!
I will ALWAYS respond,
because you are so valuable
and, OF YOU, I am so fond!'"

Oh, what great and wonderful Truths and Promises found in His Holy and Living Word!  Partake of them each and every day.  They will not only affect YOU, they will have an impact on the world that you are in!  THAT'S A PROMISE!

May We NEVER Forget!

Just walk around in this sprawling, non-stop, beautiful city.  It will change you forever!  And talk to those who defend this city in ANY capacity.  You will not only hear pride, but you will also see it, and you will feel it...

"It's not the money...," "It's not the 'prestige...,"

"It's not 'just a career...,"
"It's a passion!"  "It's an honor!"
"It is LOVE that keeps us here!"
"It is why generations follow,
doing what we do,
the 'First Responders,' 'Firefighters,'
Law Enforcement, too!'"
Such words apply in ANY town,
massive or itty-bitty,
in America but, this time
it is for NEW YORK CITY!

For we all know that tragic day
back in 2001.
We lost so many HEROES who
ran there for ANYONE!
They counted not the cost, as they
did everything they could
responding to an act of terror
by those who can't stand 'good!'
And, now, THE CHILDREN of those heroes
have taken on The Shield.
Proving that, to thieves and cowards,

America!  Prosperity-
envied by so many!
Given freely by The God
Who would give such to any!
Any that would yield to Him,
His mercy NEVER ends!
And, in THAT mercy, He calls them 'HEROES!'
And we can honor them as 'FRIENDS!'

There are so many of our 'friends' who gave their lives that day attempting to rescue the many friends and family members of so many.
September 11, 2001.  May we NEVER forget!

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Who's Training Who?!

I have a bucket full of birdseed in my hand on this PERFECT day.  I converse with my Father God as I am going all over the property, filling the feeders that are hanging from the beautiful trees that God has created. 
When I am done with that, I will fill a bucket with sunflower seeds and fill the squirrel feeders.  Hmm...who is spoiling who?

Doves, they are conversing on
this shiny, weekend morn,
as I converse with God Most High,
Who does, the land, adorn!
After I give praise to Him,
I listen to His reply.
There, we discuss the week that was,
NOT just things that went awry!
But the things that went aright.
For outnumber far, do they!
As HE IS GOD--His love for us
does He constantly display!
And we can demonstrate it unto
ALL who come our way!
And, maybe even have affect
upon THEIR lives each day!
For all we come in contact with
as we go along
have something in the lives they live
that is, or has, gone wrong!
But THAT does not have to be
the 'definition' of this life,
as God, He has so much, much more
that overcomes such strife!

Like doves conversing in the sunlight
waiting for this man.
To toss them food out in the yard,
MY training, is their plan!
And savor I such training--it gives
me more time with God--
Him Who makes creations and
Whose time is NEVER flawed!

Yes, I must confess: The doves, the squirrels and the little birds have this man trained to enjoy their antics just so I will keep the twenty-something feeders that are on the property filled with what they love!

Friday, September 8, 2023


Running.  Each and every one of us seem to be running more and more.  To get somewhere?  To get away from somewhere?  To get to OR get away from 'something?'  Think about it...

There is no 'situation,'

no 'condition' or location,
from which Christ cannot minister,
or offer you salvation!
Even if you're on a desert
island all alone,
God is right there with you--
just because you are His Own!
Even before You ask His Son
to save your very soul,
GOD KNOWS YOU, and will take great steps
to make sure you are whole!
Try to run from Him and you'll
find Him already there
with open arms, forgiving heart,
and best care ANYWHERE!
Try refusing or defying Him,
it may work for awhile.
It may break his heart, but He
will be there, all the while!
And when you TRULY realize
His unrelenting love,
and call out Jesus' Holy Name,
He embraces from above!

Oh, the love of God!  It's more
than ANY love we know!
And, freely, that most precious Love,
on ALL does He bestow!
He only waits for YOU to 
realize your NEED for Him!
Then, He makes sure the Light inside you
will not ever dim!

All of us were OR are running from something at one point or another.  Could it be that we are, in all actuality, running to Jesus without even knowing it?  Hmm...

Thursday, September 7, 2023


The world as we know it has become a master of trickery, deceit, deception and SIN!  However, there is ONE "Someone" that we know Who will NEVER leave us, forsake us or mislead us in ANY way!  Do YOU know Him?  

Trusting, leaning, depending on

the one and Only Lord!
Jesus!  Master!  King of kings!
Holy and adored!
The ONLY One so counted on
here in the final days!
The ONLY One we worship and
so dedicate our praise!

The longer that I live, the more
I come to realize
that Christ--He is the ONLY Source
Who NEVER dons a 'guise!'
He CANNOT lie, nor will He 
have you to be 'misled!'
He speaks--and ALWAYS follows through
with everything He's said!

My Jesus--oh, so faithful is He,
and to be greatly trusted!
Even when 'life's' situations
may leave us disgusted!
We can turn to Jesus, He's
available always!
And, though life changes constantly,
so settled are His ways!

So, live this life as best you can.
Be kind to all you know!
And KNOW a perfect life awaits
beyond ALL through which we go!
We will be in His Presence there
with not a thing to fear!
So, press on, be well and make those friends,
those kind that will endear!

'Those kind that will endear...'  They are getting harder and harder to find!  If you have them, KEEP THEM!  If you do not, find them and make them 'those kind' of friends!  They are a great gift from God, Himself!

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

The Almighty $

Yes, the Almighty Dollar.  Why is it that, more and more, that seems to be the most important aspect of SOME businesses?!  If you don't comply with a 'policy' that they have implemented, then they won't receive a certain amount of $$ from a government program?  IT JUST AIN'T RIGHT!!

Again, those with 'authority'

and knowledge in a field,
attempt to make the rest of us,
unto them, blindly yield!
If WE should exercise our 'right'
to, freely, 'pick and choose,'
then we are labelled as 'rebellious,'
and, from their office, they excuse!
And should we call them out this,
from their business, we are 'banned!'
Tell me, what would happen if
enough folks would take a stand?
If enough folks knew of 'policies'
these places have in place,
it would hit them in the pocketbook,
and, REALITY, they would face!

For too long we've sat idly by
while 'they' put rules in place
that we have no idea of
until we have to face!
Now, we're 'forced' to do things so
they get insurance money!
'Processes' and 'procedures' we don't need!
How many find that 'funny?'
It makes me yearn so, all the more
For in That Heaven that is waiting
no 'fraudulence' must we learn!

'EVEN SO, COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!' the soul cries out louder and louder each day!  Everything will be perfect there.  Nothing to worry about!  No more 'rules and regulations' devised by man just so he can get THE MIGHTY DOLLAR!

Monday, September 4, 2023

Labor Day, 2023

I had something written this morning that was scheduled to be sent tonight.  Then it struck me again what today is!  DUH!!  It is only right that I pen something in honor of everyone who does anything at all to better this world, keep it going, or helps someone else to do the same!  THANK YOU SO MUCH, and God bless you with His abundance!

Laboring with those who labor,
day in and day out!
Everywhere we are, we strive
to get the products out!
Some of us are visible
and serve you everyday;
we thank you for coming in the store
and sending sales our way!

However, there are many others
striving just as much,
(if not MORE, this man would add,)
and you may not see THEIR touch!
The makers, manufacturers,
and transportation crews,
behind the scenes, working day and night,
who do not get the views!
"Labor Day" is for them, too,
let's not lose sight of THAT!
And pray for God's protective sight
wherever they are at!
And, trust me, they are all around you,
making sure things run,
making sure that lights stay on,
so we can have our fun!

So, this Day is for ALL who 'labor" anywhere, any time at all.  GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY!  May your efforts NEVER go 'unnoticed!'  Please know that THIS writer is grateful for you!!  For without the efforts of some, you would not be reading these words right now!  THANK YOU, LABORERS!!


Sunday, September 3, 2023


Imagining a world where everyone got along.  A world where things could get accomplished without a fight!  It IS possible, you know?

"Religion" cannot solve the problems
we are going through.
It just divides the people more,
and angers quite a few!
"Politics" is not the answer.
It divides us more!
Exacerbating deep emotions
folks so deeply store!
The ONLY thing to bring together
folks of every kind,
is JESUS, dwelling in the heart,
and not just 'in the mind!'

For only as we exercise
the love of Christ each day,
forgiving one another as
we walk the Narrow Way,
letting not our feelings cloud
our vision as we go,
LIVING the Truths of Jesus, that
we very clearly know!
For ONLY then will issues of
the day affect us not!
And VICTORY we'll come to know--
that Victory He's wrought!

Religion...politics and 'feelings'
won't come into play!
And we can let Christ work through us
but all throughout the day!

OH, won't THAT day be wonderful?!  No more bickering about whose 'religion' or 'church' is the best!!  Just living, and Jesus living through us!  Just imagine the progress and things that we could accomplish...TOGETHER!


Saturday, September 2, 2023


Ahh...finally, SUNDAY MORNING!  A day of praise and adoration of our Lord and Savior!  HE IS WORTHY!  The doors close, everyone stands and we begin to sing those glorious songs that get us closer to God each time we sing or hear them!
But then, WHAT'S THAT SMELL??  Who is THAT guy...

A Sunday Morning, full of glory,
fellowship and friends!
That precious time of fellowship
that you pray never ends!
But each of us have jobs to do
and things throughout the week.
But we KNOW that, as we gather here,
the Lord will ALWAYS speak!

But this week, it has been disrupted
as we sing along,
by someone we don't recognize,
and His appearance is all wrong?!
Has he no reverence for this house,
or for those who attend?!
Further, his clothing and his smell,
they put off and offend!!
The Pastor stops what he is doing,
steps down and welcomes him?!
He hugs him and gives him a seat?!
Every voice goes dim!
The Pastor finishes his sermon
and starts talking with this man!
Surely, he will ask him to 
'clean up' to come again!
But no!  As Pastor greets the last one
going out the door,
he invites 'this man' to join them for lunch!

And that's NOT why Christ has saved your soul!
NOT to judge such as 'these!'
We are saved for such a time as this!
Now REPENT for being 'at ease!!'

I am so grateful that the man that led me to the Lord did so with a cue stick in his hand in a smoke-filled bar with folks drinking beer all around us!  That didn't stop him and his son from going there to have dinner!  THANK GOD THAT THEY LISTENED TO THE HOLY SPIRIT!
We would do well by listening more to Holy Spirit than to what those around us may think or feel!

Friday, September 1, 2023

Time Coming!

Time presses on.  For some, that time is quite enjoyable.  For others, that time might be quite painful!  But it presses on at the same rate for each and every one of us!  Some of us, however, look forward to ANOTHER time!  A time after THIS time when EVERYTHING WILL BE PERFECT!  God has promised that time for His Own.  Are YOU 'One of His Own?'

"Oh when, oh when is time in

Jesus' Presence going to be!
Life, as GOD meant it has almost
but vanished totally!
Semblances of it exist, and they
are wonderful and so!
Ahh...but life in Heaven, Lord,
desire we to know!

When, oh when will EVERY EAR
discern The Trumpet Blast?
Oh, when will EVERY eye catch sight
of Jesus, riding fast
to catch His Bride, The Living Church,
and meet them in the air?!
Oh, that moment can't come soon enough, Lord!
Our hearts do we prepare!!"

Day after day, every one of us
who are born-again, set free,
We tune the ear, look to the east
and pray incessantly!!
We KNOW the only answer to
the way this world's become,
is to get upon our knees and cry
for Christ to quickly come!

"Even so, come quickly, Lord,"
they prayed compelling then!
Urging ANYONE who heard
to turn away from sin!
To turn to Jesus, asking Him
to be Savior, Lord and King!
We pray the same, WITH URGENCY!
That NONE be suffering!!

If you hear us talking about Jesus with you, it is NOT because we are "shoving a religion down your throat!"  It is because we are genuinely concerned about WHERE you will spend Eternity!  If someone is talking to you about Jesus, it is because they love you, NOT to get some kind of 'feather in their cap!'