Wednesday, August 9, 2023


Day is done.  And very successful is this day!  For God saw to it I was protected and preserved, abundantly blessed, picked back up by my beautiful wife and arrived safely back home!  WHAT A MIGHTY GOD HE IS!  And now, to end the day, He puts on a spectacular display for us... 

After a day so filled with 'business'
nighttime has arrived.
In said day have we rejoiced,
struggled and we've strived.
It is all behind us now,
and, if we did our best,
we shall enjoy a time of peace,
filled with needed rest!

Before that time, however, 
I step out into the yard.
I gaze into the nighttime sky,
(from here, it is not hard!)
With my Father I converse,
and see each star aglow!
For He created each of them,
with just His voice, you know!
Just how many He created
is known to only Him!
He sees to it that, all those stars
and planets never dim!

And He sees that, the light IN US,
that light will ever shine
until that moment that He calls us
to Heaven, so divine!
For there, we will struggle and
see trials not anymore!
And take us to That Shore!"

No more darkness.  No more troubles.  No stresses of any kind!  Only rejoicing around the Throne of Jesus Christ our King!  That's what I think of as I behold the glory and the majesty of a clear night filled with His stars!


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