Saturday, August 26, 2023

Time to Start!

Morning once again.  Time to find a spot to sit down with my coffee and talk with God, my Father.  Living in such a place as this, those 'spots' are not hard to find...

Through a magnitude of branches
sunshine filters in.
It flitters out across the lake
where are the fishermen.
They got out there before the dawn
so they could beat the heat.
Before they leave, they shall have plenty
for their kids to eat!
As varied as their techniques are,
so varied be the land!
All of it to be provided
by God the Father's hand.
His concern and care for us
also include 'pleasure,'
and when it comes to The Creator,
there's no way to measure!

It is so very beautiful
to gaze out at the lake!
Maybe, in a little while,
a brief swim we will take.
But, first, there are things to be done
around the property.
Then later on, some time for swimming
for us us there will be.
For the moment, though, a time
for fellowship have I
with The Creator of it all:
Father God Most High!
We savor this most glorious day,
(the He created, too!)
while there be naught to interfere
with the glorious view!

What does YOUR morning look like?  I certainly pray that it includes sights that God alone creates!  I bet it does!  It only takes a few moments set aside to find it!


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