Thursday, August 3, 2023

Time of Greatest Value

There is a proper way to start each day.  God set it in order from the beginning.  However, as busy as the world has become, we have set God's plan aside and decided to 'get to him when WE have time!'  

Too often, do we start the day
and just 'put in our time!'
We move along, and take what's coming-
no reason or no rhyme!
Life, it 'happens' in a way
that we cannot control.
BUT GOD, He has a purpose, IF
we trust in Him in whole!
He has a perfect plan for every
person on this earth,
because, to Him, each one of us
possess great value and worth!
But, when we rise, ignoring Him,
and go about the day,
how can we receive 'The Perfect Plan,'
and know His perfect way?

So, set aside that time with Him
soon after you arise.
Converse with Him.  HE'S EVERYWHERE!
Not 'way up in the skies!'
Sure, that's where His throne exists,
but He is everywhere,
wanting to spend time with you,
due mercy, love and care!

So, MAKE THAT TIME before the rush
each day is to become!
And, success and victory,
for they will be your sum!
The stresses and anxieties,
they will not overtake,
as long as, fellowship with HIM,
that early time, you make!

'In the cool of the morning,' Adam met with God the Father.  It would certainly do us well to make it a habit to do the same!  

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