Thursday, August 31, 2023

Time Away!

A day away from "The daily grind."  So needed.  So necessary in EVERY life!  I truly pray that YOU make the most of YOUR time away from "The Daily Grind!"

The hummingbirds are chasing
one another off the feeders!
(Even though there are plenty on
my land for tiny eaters!)
They have a perfect day as they
pursue one another.
It is so entertaining, at times,
the antics of each other!

The first day of September is
so beautiful and bright!
Because God is so glorious,
the day is a delight!
Birds of every kind are out,
flying here and there,
enjoying all the freedom that
they have up in the air!
Savoring the sunlight and
the multitude of trees.
Taking in late summer glory!
Life--it is at ease!

God provides times here and there
because He knows the rush
that every day, it can become,
lest we have times of 'hush!'
He knows so well the way that 'life'
can 'gang-up' upon you.
But He's right there.  Escorting us.
So that we make it through!
And watching little, tiny birds
that most choose to ignore,
is just one way He calms THIS man
for what 'life' has in store!

"Thank You, Father God, for this piece of land that you've blessed us with and all these little birds that calm and entertain us!  You think of everything, Father!  You are so good to us!


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