Sunday, August 13, 2023

Through Each Day...

Day in, day out, 'living' takes its toll on us.  For some, it is successful and wonderful!  For others, it is 'just getting by.'  For still others, however, it is a challenge and quite painful!  Be empathetic for the latter, my friend, as they are closer than you think!

"Jesus, Jesus, we cry out
for You to come again!
We KNOW that, as we serve You, Lord,
that we are going to win!
For we have won already, Lord,
if we belong to You,
but long we so for to enjoy
eternal life anew!

Eternal life, where You reside,
and see You, face-to-face...
eternal life, where gone be all
debasement of this place!
Eternal life, where all corruption
will be disallowed!
No 'politics...'
just Paradise avowed!

'Even so, come quickly, Lord!'
It's in Your Holy Word!
We know that, at the Trumpet Blast,
that life will be occurred!
We press on to that day, oh Lord,
as You have told us to,
and be distracted not by 'issues,'
every day anew!

Yes, even so, come quickly, Lord,
in spite of 'daily life,'
as we press through the injustice,
sin and every strife!"

Heaven!  Paradise!  No more struggles, no more strife!  Just spending Eternity doing all that God has planned for us!  See it with me, won't you, my friend?!  It will be beyond anything we could ever imagine!  HALLELUJAH!


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