Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Thoughts, Intentions and Deeds

Looking about life.  Watching the actions and listening to hearts of folks.  Being who I am and where God has placed me, I see quite a bit!  And this one thing I know: EVERY man will have to answer for EVERY thought and deed one of these days!

How many are the means devised
by people everyday
to exact pain upon another
in some sort of way?
That same time and money could go to
spread happiness and joy!
Yet, so many in so many ways
would rather, such, destroy!!

BUT WHY?!  For we are all the same
and, when this life is gone,
each will stand at that same Throne
and tell God what went on!
For we will be without excuse
as, ALL HEARTS, does He know!
Our 'reasons' or 'excuses' will
determine where we'll go!

So, why not live in service and
do good to every man?
It just may cause 'appreciation'
in life's every plan!
It just may cause a revolution,
every place we turn,
of 'doing right' and getting back
the same thing in return!

Yes, the world as we know it
seeks 'its way' and no other,
even if it brings harm to
a sister or a brother!
BUT GOD has purposed us to be
concerned NOT for 'just me,'
He made us to be looking after
other folks that be!

Have YOU gone out of your way lately to care for, care about or bless someone?  ANYONE?!  I promise you, God Most High sees and knows the desires, intents and actions of every heart!  AND HE NEVER FORGETS!

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