Saturday, August 5, 2023

There MUST be Better!!

Turn on the the up the newspaper...or just take a trip downtown.  It can be downright depressing...IF NOT PAINFUL OR VIOLENT!

So many opportunities
to demonstrate such 'hate!"
Some to even go so far
as 'songs' that emulate!
Anything that seems to foster
'controversy' at all!
One thing that is 'certain--' they
stay central to one call!

Why has it become an art form
to 'irritate' one another?
We should be doing all we can
to make each man a 'brother!'
Jesus was not 'popular'
with ALL back in His day,
however, He went about spreading
God's LOVE along the way!

So, tell me, what can WE accomplish
to establish 'peace?'
First off, all habits of 'controversy,'
we must EACH release!
Stop exalting 'stars' who cash in
on violence of the past,
and develop habits of 'goodness'
that will surely last!

Opportunities to 'hate,'
they seem to multiply!
'Discrimination' of all kinds
and anger are sky high!
We MUST get back to simpler times
when people got along,
if we are to 'advance' at all!
Besides, we ALL belong!!

Is such even possible in THIS world?  OF COURSE, IT IS!  But it takes each and every one of us to put effort into it!  And just how many are willing to break 'tradition' and do that?


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