Sunday, August 27, 2023

The Way of the World!

Another day of 'pressing on.'  Another day of watching how many ways people can treat others that are the same as them!  "Oh Lord, how long will it last?"

There is a place where weather,
strife and sickness don't exist!
It waits for us beyond the sky,
Our Father, He resides there on
His everlasting throne!
And His Presence, ever-constantly
shall it be known!
He shall go about His children
at any and all times,
making sure that all is perfect
and that 'living' rhymes!
He cared for each of us throughout
our living through these days,
and choosing His will, He'll give reward
as we give Him due praise!

Yes, there is a place where issues of
this life will matter not!
And God, Himself, for EVERYONE,
He has reserved a spot!
He has but one requirement:
that we would serve His Son!
Let Him reside inside YOUR heart,
and happiness will be won!
That Place where God abides in love-
we shall be there one day!
It will be perfect there, and we
will celebrate for aye!
"Come quickly, oh most Holy Lord!
Escort us to That Place
where we will live in peace forever
and look into His face!"

Heaven cannot come soon enough!  It seems that the longer we are here in this place, the more painful it becomes!  Ahh...but all of that will change when The Trumpet sounds and Jesus Christ Himself splits the skies to receive His Own!


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