Tuesday, August 29, 2023

THE 'Uncommon' Victory!

Blessings on you!
There is an everlasting victory available to any and ALL that are willing!  It is The Victory provided once you give your life to Jesus!  He gave His whole life for you and I so that we could know it!  Please do not ignore it, my friend!

Over life and all we see,
that's constantly to come our way
in this life but every day!
Because we're children of The King!
He gives us cause to ALWAYS sing
a song so very deep inside,
though struggles be intensified!

The Lord, He knew what we go through!
Before He walked this earth He knew!
Thus, He provides for all we need,
and His provision does exceed!
He gives and gives, and then gives more
than we could ever ask Him for!
And He makes sure that we succeed
at every task requiring need!

So glorious is the victory
that Jesus has for such as we!
A taste of His eternity
that, soon and very soon, shall be!
My Jesus has it all worked out!
So, at the Trumpet and a shout,
we will be in His Glory Land
in victory, with Him, to stand!

Will YOU be there too?  I surely pray that You will!!  All you must do is ask Him to forgive you of your sins, give your soul to Jesus and ask Him to reside in your heart.  He's taken care of everything else!  Do it even right now!  He's ready and waiting with grace everlasting!

In HIS Service,


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