Thursday, August 24, 2023

The Bringer of Words

A glorious afternoon, once more, God has created!  I grab a drink, grab a pen and pad, and go out under the towering oaks that He has made.  As I open my page, I KNOW that He will have SOMETHING to say...

A gentle wind is tickling the chimes,

in the afternoon as I make rhymes.
The weather and the heat must I ignore,
so I assemble words that would adore!
And adoration goes to Christ, alone!
The ONLY One in Whom salvation's known!
The suffering He went through for our sin-
He lived and died that we be born-again!
Born into the new life He provides.
When we do, His great favor, so abides!

God Most High--He compensates for all,
and even more for them, His Name to call!
We are so very, very, very blessed
as we, His Name and wonder, have confessed!
So faithful He when I pick up this pen
to give me words that minister to men!
Words to uplift, to heal and inspire,
words that edify The One that's higher!

So here am I again with pen-in-hand.
Listening, oh Lord, for Your command!
I KNOW You have a word for me to share,
to minister, to bless or even care!
I know that You will fill in every line,
because You are so faithful to incline!
So, Lord, whatever word You have to say,
I listen for and watch this glorious day
that You have crafted for us once again!
Please speak, that I could minister to men!

So faithful.  So dependable.  Holy Spirit ALWAYS comes through with words about my Father and His creation whenever I avail myself!  Trust Him always, my friend.  He will NEVER let you down!

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