Wednesday, August 16, 2023

That's Just Life!

Life gives and takes.  And this life is no respecter of person!  Each one of us, should we be so blessed, will reach a point when we need the assistance of someone else.  

When my brother cannot function like
the way God made him to;
a disease or injury has set him back
to a time that so few knew!
It's up to US--friends, church members,
folks down at his job,
to step up, step in and do our best,
lest life, itself, would rob!
Already He's secure within
The Father's very palm, 
there receiving healing touch,
there receiving calm,
but he needs you and I, as well,
to offer what we can!
After all, he is a member
of our fellow man!
We may not know of his affliction,
but we know he needs care!
And every one of us has something
we can freely share!
And, whatever we may do for him,
our God, He will replace!
Because of His abundant love,
His mercy and His grace!!

When my brother cannot 'function' right,
it's up to all of us
to do all that we can for him,
and do not fight or fuss!
Each of us will be there some day,
some way or another.
When we do, (and with God's help,)
may there be a willing brother!

Yes, each of us will get to that point someday, should Jesus so tarry and should God grant us favor!  May there be those who love us THEN enough to lend a helping hand when necessary!


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