Saturday, August 19, 2023

Still Yearning!

Yesterday, I wrote of simpler times in relationships...IN LIFE!  Today, God has me still thinking of those easier times.  Hmm...what's He trying to say to us?

Again, to yearn for those past times
that, so much simpler, were.
Those hallowed days when just a 'handshake'
sealed a deal for sure!
You didn't give a second thought
about it taking place.
You knew, because you shook their hand,
that you would not lose face!
In the days that are, however,
attorneys need to be,
and 'retainers' must be paid up front,
for services to be.
From working on a car to fixing
something in the yard-
Why have we made His simple life
so very, very hard?!

It should NOT have to be this way,
but God said it in His Word!
He also told us times that are
would surely be occurred!
The closer we get to the end
and when He's coming back,
more difficult would life become,
and it's NOT going to slack!
So, know that, as this life, more
complicated does become,
keep your eyes upon the skies,
for He is going to come!
Make sure your heart's in order so
that, ready, you will be
to join the Lord in glory Land
and live eternally!

You remember THOSE days, don't you?  I could buy produce for my grocery store from the guy across town that grew it and think nothing of it!  In this day and age, the grocer can only sell things from their warehouse that come from 'approved' distributers!  A sad day it has become for the 'independent' market!

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