Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Signs of 'The End?'

I know there are plenty of so-called 'prophets' out there that are saying 'SEE!  I TOLD YOU SO!'  I don't wanna hear it!  Yes, I know that His Word declares such times as these the closer we get to the return of Jesus.  But, hey, let us be empathetic, as we are all in this together!

"Finally, FINALLY, 
a break from wretched heat!
The Lord blessed us with needed rain,
while we slept, quiet and sweet!
Looking out across the land
on this early dawn,
everything is fresh and wet,

I pray that it will stay this way
for myself and others!
I do not work outside today,
but I have sisters and brothers
that are out there building things...
serving...delivering things...on patrol,
and I know they appreciate
the heat under control!
But we need more rain for farmers for
the herds and for the grain.
I know too many, Father, who
have gone through so much pain,
losing livestock, losing acres
all because of 'HEAT!'
You love us too much, Father, to just
'...leave us in the heat!'

I know Your Word declares that,
as we're in the Final Days,
'extremes' will happen that are foreign
to our 'settled' ways!
But You're a Loving Father, full
of mercy, full of grace,
and You'll be watching over us
until we're in That Place!'"

Rain.  Precious rain!  I will NEVER complain about it again!  Sure, it may slow your day down a bit, but it is a necessity that we cannot live without!  (Not in THIS life!)

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