Saturday, August 12, 2023


Getting things done.  Going about the day, knowing all that must be taken care of and TRYING to do it with billions of other people.  There are standards set for our behavior, and when those are followed correctly, LIFE smoothly flows along!  Then, there are those who want to go against that flow!  Why?

It is NEVER too late
to disregard hate,
and find a more amiable way
to get labors done,
and even have fun,
and learn of each other each day!
For God placed us here,
and He knew we'd be near
to each other as we move along!
And He has the best way
to go through each day
and turn our lives into a song!
Though, a contest, it's not
to get to that spot
where, together, in peace, we reside,
we can ALL get along,
like verses in song,
in ways that agree and abide.
For I can be 'me,'
and 'we' can be 'we,'
wherever be that Narrow Way!
For He purposed each man
to live his own plan
and savor success every day!

While assisting a brother,
we help one another,
so that God will be glorified!
So, seek His desire,
(even if in the fire,)
and success--it will be on your side!
But we EACH must decide
if we'll join in that ride
while we remain individual each day!
All the while, don't forget
that HIS ways must be met,
as HE is The Truth, The Life and the Way!

Yes, ALL living beings have a certain way of doing things and different places to go.  That is one of the wonders that God made!  However, He also has limitations to our freedoms.  Woe to them that go beyond those limitations!  Not only does it upset His Grand Design, but they must also answer to Him on That Great Day!


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