Monday, August 21, 2023


Having worked with the public for almost 50 years, you overhear folks talking back and forth.  At times, they include you in those conversations.  Here are a few examples of 'overhearing,' and from experience...

"Why is it, at THIS age, I'm showing
signs of 'growing old?'
I have a close friend in Hawaii
that lives a life so bold!
On his racing motorbike,
the island covers he!
12 years older is this man
with boundless energy!"

"I have a customer at work.
His age is 94!
Several times each week, he comes
for things, his projects, for!
He shows no slowing down at all
for jobs he has on call.
As the days go by, he runs
his business for all!"

And here, I ride an iron horse
down the Pacific Coast,
Taking in the beauty that
my God, alone, can boast!
I pull off on a side rest and
gaze out across the sea.
A surfer is catching perfect waves.
In the past, that would be me!
Not anymore!  My joints prevent me
from that kind of fun!
But I can put it into words-
HIS gift that is not done!

I do not understand the "Why's?"
that this life gives and takes,
but I will savor every moment
that my Father makes!

Yes, life gives and takes.  I cannot do some of the things I used to do.  BUT, there are some things that I can still do!  You are the same way.  Keep doing all that you can for as long as you can and thank God every day for the abilities you have...while you still have them!


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